Bali – Familiar yet Unique!

The music here sounds quite familiar – same energetic beats and comradely intonates. Cultural landscapes are very similar to the ones here in India and people are as warm and friendly as they are at the subcontinent. Bali doesn’t share boundary or neighborhood, though it seems like a piece of Indian subcontinent.

A province in the country of Indonesia, Bali is a beautiful territory recognized for its unbroken stretches of beaches, lovely pristine hill resorts and interesting cultures & cuisines. Once you land in Bali, you are bound to undergo a familiar yet unique atmosphere – wet & warm air. Do you know that this island has no winter or summers? The season here is just rainy or dry. A heaven for tourists, Bali does never fail to impress visitor of any nature. And this is what makes this island blossoming into a popular tourist destination in Asia.

There is a plethora of things to do and see, and most of them are quite familiar to the ones in India. Spending time along the sandy shoreline while enjoying recreational activities or indulging with adventurous sports gives you the memories of a lifetime. Fine dining hubs, exquisite nightlife options, sea safari cruises and fishing boats at its sun-kissed beaches also bid to make your travel experience like never before.

Bali has a gamut of attractions to explore for those inclined towards history & cultures. And here as well, the island has a close connection with India. Inscriptions disclose that people from India came to Bali and settled there. Evidences of this epoch making settlement are still visible in form of Hindu artifacts, temples, sculptures and cultural festivals. Majority of the population follows Hinduism, though people from other religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim also live very joyous and celebrated life at the island. Many cultural fests and events are celebrated by its people. Some most popular among them are Bali Art Festival, Kite Festival, Negara Bull Races, Kartini Day and Nusa Dua Festival.

The island enjoys a reputation to be a paradise for honeymooners. Salubrious weather, heart-touching scenery and plenty of recreational activities give couples a great atmosphere for relax and romance. Many beach resorts offer honeymoon special facilities to add more spices to one’s romantic escape here. Shopping in Bali is a daylong expedition, with a wide array of options being available to cater every need and budget. From fashionable malls to wayside stalls and decorative supermarkets to beach-side bazaars, Bali would amuse with its varied shopping options. You can have a striking deal buying leather goods, handicrafts, garments, shoes, jewelry or furniture items here.

Though Bali is a year-round travel destination, the best time to come here is between April and October. During these months, the island features wonderful climate with low heat and humidity. So next time, you feel need of having a relaxing time overseas, plan a trip to this magical land and explore wonderful mix of nature and culture. And the best in all, you would feel like at home away from home.
Sabung Ayam


6 Coworking spaces in Bali for Digital Nomads

I’ve now moved from Ubud to Seminyak so this week, it’s all about finding new coworking spaces to work out of.

In this weeks video, I check out 5 spaces (in order of appearance)
1. Lineup Hub in Seminyak
2. Hubud in Ubud
3. Kumpul in Sanur
4. The Sanur Space in Sanur
5. Dojo in Canggu

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