Bali Honeymoon: A Lifetime Memory

Planning for a honeymoon is an exciting prospect. Experiencing a Bali honeymoon is one memorable experience. There are options for everybody ranging from luxurious resorts to the more private villas.

The locals are some of the most friendly people you will ever come across on a trip in a foreign land. The traditional clothing is very colourful and available for rent for tourists. The Balinese people form a very vibrant society.

Ubud is the Balinese culture capital. It is a city of temples. The most popular is the Pura Taman Saraswati temple in the southern most part of the city. The temples in Bali are dedicated to one or more of their many Gods.

To Ubud’s south is the island’s protected forest that is the native habitat of the Balinese macaques. In the middle of this temple is hidden the most extrordinary temple dedicated to the dead, called Pura Dalem Agung. If this is a very morbid location for a little tourism on a honeymoon, the Balinese markets are remarkably cheering. Their wares are mostly handmade which make excellent souvenirs.

The yearly Balinese dance festivals are vibrant affairs with dynamic moves. Most performances involve a narration of a story of kings, demons and gods. Watching them is a wonderful experience.

On the outskirts of Ubud is the town of Bedulu. It is famous for its elephant caves which were first discovered in 1920. They are more than seven centuries old. Mengwi is another remarkable town with a beautiful 17th century temple.

For an offbeat experience, just walk a couple of hundred meters away from the city where the villages and rural countryside spread out in all their glory.

The island of Bali is famous for its refreshing coconut water. Kite flying is a favourite pass time of the locals. Try learning to fly a kite. It will definitely be one of the most cherished memories of the trip. The unforgettable vistas and natural beauty in the island of Bali will prompt you to come back again and again to re-capture the experience of your honeymoon.
Sabung Ayam
Surfing Kuta Reef Bali – April 2012

A compilation of some of the short video taken on Kuta Reef Bali during my holiday from the 20th to the 29th of April. Thanks to everyone for making it a great week! Hope to see you all again soon!

Music by my brothers band “Fliptop” website:

Sabung Ayam