Bali Property Vs Hotels.

Owning your own villa can be a wise investment for the future. You may live there permanently or just maintain it for family visits and rent it out for when you won’t be using it. There are benefits to owning your own Bali property as you will read here.

Staying at a villa will be more affordable than if you were to stay at a hotel. As luxury villas will provide you with bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioning, roomy terraces, large living areas, gardens and swimming pools. If you want to do some sunbathing you can easily do, so without feeling shy as you have your own swimming pool.

The villas you rent, will have modern necessities but it will also symbolize the lifestyle of Bali throughout the interior design. You will like the informality and comfort that you will experience in you own home.

By staying at their local hotels, you won’t really experience the Balinese lifestyle, where as a villa will give you that experience. It will provide you with the extra privacy, extra space, private services that are better than a hotel, and a more relaxed environment.

You will also have the luxury of having your own cook, to give you great meals that will suit any diet that you may have. You can also be served where ever you sit fit.

There is extra privacy at the villa, than if you were to stay at a hotel. You are able to go when you want to and do not have the added stress if you think you are disturbing the other guests. There is no need to stick to any type of customs that a hotel has, and you can stay up and watch the sun rise.

You will be able to experience the Islands culture and way of life as you are part of their neighborhood. By staying at a villa, you will be away from the tourist vibe of the hotels, and you can enjoy the peace and will be able to wake up to the sound of nature rather than tourists. Having a villa will ensure that you will spend time with your loved ones and recharge and relax.

There is also private security at a villa, with the added bonus of having security in the community as well. If there is a stranger among you, the community will be able to recognize them straight away by the neighborhood watch. This gives you and the community a peace of mind that you will be taken care of and enjoy a pleasant stay. As a guest of the community you will be welcomed and accepted.

The important part of all is that you will experience Bali within in your own Bali property. Staying at a hotel, with make you isolated from the people because of the environment the hotel gives. You will be able to participate in the Balinese world, surrounded by their nature, and relaxed setting. Your villa will also have staff that is well trained and take care of your everyday needs.
Sabung Ayam
The Next Step : Vinita Bali​ In Conversation With Sadhguru

Vinita Bali, former MD of Britannia, converses with Sadhguru about the next step in the life of an individual, a family, a community and humanity as a whole. Over the course of the conversation, Sadhguru gives a simple process that every individual can do daily, and also answers several questions from the audience.



Sadhguru: Good evening everyone.

Vinita Bali: Good evening, namaskar and a very warm welcome

to all of us here. It is indeed an honor and a real privilege, Sadhguru, to have you with us for the next ninety minutes, during which time I shall do my best, as Moumita described earlier, to engage in a freewheeling conversation and we will explore I think a variety of concepts with Sadhguru – concepts around leadership, ethics, individual responsibility, a little bit of questions around spirituality and so on. So, without further ado, I want to start off by asking you, Sadhguru, what is the next step for Sadhguru?

Sadhguru: (Laughs) Dinner.

Vinita Bali: Dinner (Laughter/Applause)? I thought that was already over. So, we expect a more profound answer from you (Laughter).

Sadhguru: It’s a very profound answer (Laughter) because you can postpone many things in your life. You can postpone buying a home, buying a car, you can postpone your wedding if you want – it’s a good thing (Laughter) – you can postpone your divorce, good to postpone your death. But you can’t postpone your dinner (Laughter). Right now, this is the ugliness, which is happening in this country. A whole lot of people are postponing their dinner today. This is the horrible situation that’s happening. So, do not consider dinner as not so profound, it’s very profound. If you are eating ten times a day, it’s not profound. If you are eating once or even twice a day, it is quite profound (Laughs).

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