Bamboo Window Blinds: An Attractive and Environmentally Friendly Choice

Your room doesn’t have to have an Oriental decor to benefit from the exquisite and delicate beauty of bamboo window shades. They add an exotic touch to any room and have many advantages over other window treatments.

Bamboo blinds are commonly used in outdoor areas such as patios. They filter the light without blocking it completely and are able to stand up to weather and intense sunlight for many years.

Unlike some other outdoor materials, bamboo is also a tasteful and aesthetic addition to any indoor decor.

Styles of Bamboo Window Blinds
Bamboo shades, also called woven wood blinds, come in two types: rollup and folding accordion-style. Both styles are easy to operate. When fully closed they still let in a comfortable amount of diffuse light while protecting the privacy of those inside. If you need greater light control, most designs have the option of an additional liner which will block more outside light.

Bamboo window shades come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Even undecorated bamboo has charming patterns due to the normal variations within natural materials. Historically bamboo blinds were often decorated with intricate paintings and an artistic homeowner could do the same.

In Asian culture bamboo has many mythical properties. It symbolizes luck and energy and the Japanese used bamboo groves to ward off evil spirits.

Bamboo is Green Even When It’s Some Other Color
Another benefit of bamboo is that it is one of the most renewable resources available. Other materials such as vinyl or faux woods can persist in landfills for a disturbingly long time. Even other renewables such as wood blinds are still environmentally damaging. Trees take a long time to grow back while a bamboo stalk can grow over 3 feet per day.

In addition to its limitless renewability, bamboo also gives off no unhealthy byproducts. Every day it seems there is another research study that shows some toxic product of the normal decay of household materials. Although these are produced in infinitesimal amounts, the long term effects are not clearly understood.

Other Bamboo Benefits
Bamboo is beautiful, durable, and ecologically friendly but it has even more benefits. It is one of the most inexpensive materials for window blinds, yet adds an exotic and tasteful touch to any room.

Bamboo is easy to clean. Regular dusting maintains their distinct look. Occasionally a bit of hot water and oil soap will keep them looking like new.

They offer exceptional energy efficiency and UV protection. They are easy to install, something the average homeowner can manage without the cost of professional installation.

Most major window blinds manufacturers have lines of bamboo or woven wood blinds. Some examples include: Natural Shades by Bali Blinds, Provenance Woven Wood Shades by Hunter Douglas and Natural Shades by Levolor.
Sabung Ayam


Sabung Ayam