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Northern Transmissions is a music site started for music lovers, by music lovers. We function interviews, album and reside testimonials from today’s most influential independent bands and artists. Northern Transmissions also attributes music news from about the planet daily.

My name is Charles Brownstein and I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I presently live in Vancouver, BC.
I am a correct lover of music, food, books, film, and stand-up comedy. Foremost it is music that I enjoy, that is what drove me to create this internet site. I confess to liking Duran Duran and the Bee gees in my youth.I choose In Utero to Nevermind and protected as milk as an alternative of Trout Mask Replica.
Northern Transmissions is a Music internet site that features interviews from musicians and bands we love. We have interviewed so several of them, from The Drums to Destroyer. We overview albums by from a lot of labels around the planet, including Merge, Sub pop, Bella union, Matador, 4AD, Rough Trade, Capture Tracks, Hardly Art, and many numerous a lot more.
Hope you guys take pleasure in the web site as significantly as we like operating on it.
Matt Dwyer is a writer, comedian and podcaster out of the city of Los Angeles. He’s written jokes for some of the top comedians these days,  interviewed some of the most cutting edge musicians of the past forty years and has been obsessed with music because he was a youngster. Listen to his podcast Conversations With Matt Dwyer on Fear Audio.
Lana Winter is a writer at the moment based in Toronto, Canada. She focuses mainly on non-fiction/journalism, and although copywriting pays the bills, she also writes book testimonials and has been dabbling in food writing.
Her taste in music is very best described as eclectic, ranging from bleepy New Wave 80s tunes to flowery dream-folk, with strong doses of goth/industrial thrown into the mix. She has had the pleasure of interviewing great bands and musicians for both Sykoradio and Spill Magazine, and has definitely no musical talent of her personal whatsoever.
Existing playlist: Marissa Nadler, Damien Jurado, Amiina, Jesca Hoop
Likes: Excellent coffee, small birds, something blue
Dislikes: Dubstep, okra, the word “pudding”
Ground Manage to Chris Kummerfeldt. This is Chris Kummerfeldt to Ground Manage. I keep in mind the initial two songs I ever listened to, have to have been only months old, Leo Dan’s ‘Siempre Estoy Pensando en Ella’ and Cat Steven’s ‘Wild World’. My Dad would play them all day extended.
I hail from Antigua Guatemala. Studied economics prior to getting kicked out of university.Graduated later with a BBA and worked extensively in advertising. My heart was constantly in the arts. So I wrote poems, founded music festivals, bartended in dark dive bars, managed rock bands, exhibited art photography internationally ahead of I ultimately found true love in film. Moved to my adoptive residence Vancouver and studied film in VFS. Became a director at Warmland Films in 2011 where we thrive every single day ‘to develop experiences that enlighten lives’. I plan to run for Presidency of Guatemala in 2027.
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