Bangkok- A Fine Blend of Old and New Worlds

The city of myriad architectural marvels and colorful markets, Bangkok, after used to be a tiny, peaceful village surrounded by wild plum trees. Nevertheless, with the incursion of King Ramal in 18th century, the contour of a captivating city started taking shape. And within a handful of year, the city was bestowed with canals and waterways and floating houses. The city continued to flourish in all directions and arenas through 19th and 20th century. These days, armed with modern infrastructure, it is 1 of the most progressive cities of the globe.

However, Bangkok has beautifully preserved its ancient inheritance whilst taking gigantic actions towards urbanization. This cosmopolitan city is dotted with a host of temples and palaces, which give a panoramic view of the previous. As a result, if a traveler wants to immerse in tranquility, he has numerous options in the kind of lovely Buddhist temples like Wat Pho, Wat Aruna and Wat Suthat. Similarly, a traveler can have a brush with Bangkok’s glorious history by exploring The Grand Palace and The National Museum.

Though Bangkok boasts of a slew of glitzy malls, it has also conserved the traditional shopping style. Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market place is the greatest instance of time-honored Thai market place. This market place features all sort of exotic fruits and vegetables. Even so, it is situated by the bank of Chao Pier River and can be accessed only by means of a boat. Thus, Bangkok is a fine example of magnificent previous and progressive present. This outstanding amalgamation has produced Bangkok a single of the favourite tourist destinations in the globe that attract more than a million of international travelers every single year.

Bangkok has also emerged as a popular getaway location amongst Indians. Today, folks from all age groups and walks of life travel to and fro Bangkok for leisure as properly as business purposes. This high escalation of outbound tourism from India has instigated many air carriers to operate direct and connecting flights from various parts of the country to Bangkok. The improve in quantity of flight routes and frequency has also benefitted standard travelers. These days, passengers can catch flight from diverse cities and towns such as Chennai and Varanasi.

Situated in South India, Chennai is a major industrial, cultural, economical and educational hub of India. Thus, the diverse activities unfolding in the city propel its residents to pay a visit to a variety of nations, which includes Bangkok. Accordingly, a lot of air carriers provide direct flights from Chennai to Bangkok. Chennai Bangkok air tickets can be bought on the web by means of an airway’s official website. Similarly, the holy city of India, Varanasi, also sees a huge number of religious travelers visiting Bangkok annually. Thus, many air carriers have also started offering standard flights from Varanasi to Bangkok.

If you, too, want to explore the splendid heritage and history of Bangkok and indulge in an unrestrained buying spree, book your air ticket to Bangkok these days and unravel this mesmerizing city.