Bar Stools Are They Substandard? Or Are They Made That Way To Be Sold Here In The Usa

After doing more research, I have news for you. As I remember in my travels, I have seen furniture of excellent quality being made in foreign countries. Thus why do we get this furniture that is of such poor quality? or shall we say substandard. The honest answer is very sad, as these corporations come from the United States, and they moved their facilities to a foreign country. First they are looking for cheap labor; they also do not want to offer benefits for the employees. They are the ones that lower the quality of the products, for one reason only, to fill their pockets with more money.

I started investigating this trend, and what I discovered is something that makes me sad. Why is it that these corporations move their plants to other countries? My guess is they have so much greed, from the board of directors to the CEOs of the companies. Now lets say that the CEO makes a $ 10, 0000 million dollar salary per year, besides his bonuses, and stock and other benefits. He is the one driving this trend, to make sure he keeps the board of directors very happy. Do you believe that? Just to keep the Board of directors happy! This to me is a BIG lie they put in front of all of us. Now how much money is he going to make after he moves the plants to a foreign country? Well the truth is that he would make more money in one year, than maybe many of us would make in our lifetime!

To me that is sick and wrong, and the worst of it is that we are supporting this trend, by accepting the quality and the prices they set for us the consumers. Now, what is it that we need to do? Are we just going to sit with our arms crossed and relax, and watch while these corporations systematically destroy our country, and place a bad reputation on other countries where they are operating? And I know this is the truth, as I have had past experience working for an enormous corporation, where you are just a number. I can tell you that the CEO of the company never got hurt with the economy declining. We need to be realistic about whats going on in our country. As I have told you before, I have been around in a few other countries, and I have admired the products they produce. In my opinion the quality was excellent. Consequently then, what happened with the products we get from some countries now, and why are they of such poor quality?

Well let us analyze a few things. By using poor quality metal, cheap materials, and scanty finishing, the total expense of making one of these bar stools is considerably lower, than they would spend making it here. Then factor in that they pay very little wages, and no benefits. Therefore, they save money up front, then they present these mediocre products to us, and if we accept these products, we are making one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. We have accepted a lower quality stool, and to top it off, we have to pay top dollar for it. We spend our hard earned money for something that wont last long, and will be taken to the land fill before you know you had it. This is also bad news for our environment.

I remember when I was a boy that every toy I had that came from Japan or China, didnt last that long. Well things have changed now, the most prominent country exporting goods to the USA is China, and we know that anything that comes from China is poor quality. Take your time and open your eyes, see for yourself that I am not just writing these things just because.

I do have a friend from China, and I have asked him about the saturation of all these products coming from China. His reply was very simple; He says that we have the wrong impression about what is going on over there. The only ones that benefit out of this deal are the government there, and the board of directors and the CEOs of the corporations. Do we need more explanations about this? I think not please do your homework; check the product in the stores carefully. Buy products from China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and many more. Put them to use and monitor them to see just how long they last, I guaranty they will fall apart in a very short period of time.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the reality of what is happening on our own turf, I am very serious about this situation, we need to step forward and speak out loud, for everyone to listen to us and demand top quality for our dollars.
As always it is my pleasure to write to you, it is my responsibility as a USA citizen to let you know, and to help you understand this trend so you can start making the right changes, to help our country and consequently to help yourself. God bless America.

As usual, Let me remind you, this is solely the opinion of the writer and as any article you may use as you wish, but the whole intention behind these articles is to help the consumer make the right decision.
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