Barcelona Beach Restaurants

Are you traveling to Barcelona in the near future? Do you like the cool breeze of the ocean? If so you will want to make sure you check out at least one of the beach restaurants in Barcelona. What is great about many of these restaurants are not only do they have scenery that is visually pleasing, but the food is phenomenal as well.

The great thing about eating outside is the view of the ocean; let’s face it, how many of us have had this experience? If you have, then you know of how memorable this experience can be.

Spain is known for using a wide variety of spices in their cuisine. It is a combination of these spices that give their foods added flavor and texture. Since Spain’s history has also been influenced by the French and the Italian cultures, it’s no surprise that Spain has also implemented some of these dishes into their cuisine.

Many of the foods that the Spaniards are known for preparing are dishes with seafood, rice, beans, lean poultry, and a lot of fruits and vegetables. Although these foods seem very basic, the Spaniards have a way of preparing these foods with their own unique ingredients which give them a very distinct flavor.

Eclectic Cuisine from a Wide Range of Cultures: it is not uncommon to find many restaurants that are influenced by more than one type of cuisine. This is what makes Mediterranean style restaurants in Barcelona Spain very different from other cuisine around the world. Below is a list of different styles of cuisine found at Barcelona beach restaurants

Some of the popular dishes among tourists and the people who live in Barcelona are dishes made with seafood, shrimp in particular.

Whether you prefer fresh seafood, an Italian inspired dish or a renowned Spanish dish almost all of the cuisine you will encounter in Spain will satisfy your taste buds.

There is also a dish called gambas ajillo, which are large prawns prepared with olive oil, garlic and chili flakes. The combination of the heat from the spices and the taste of the seafood are a great combination together.

Mediterranean Restaurants: dishes that are made with olive oil, marinated vegetables, breads, chick peas, and nuts are common foods served in these restaurants. Many of the hearty dishes are served with lamb, rabbit, pork and poultry instead of beef. Catalan food is renowned for being part of the Mediterranean diet and therefore is considered to be healthy cuisine.

If you are more health conscious when traveling to Barcelona Spain, you can always request to have your order made with olive oil and less cheese, no bacon and no butter. There are many different types of cuisine that are healthy and will satisfy your taste buds.

So when you travel to Barcelona make sure to check out one of the many Barcelona beach restaurants. You can sit back, take in the fresh sea air and enjoy some delightful Spanish cuisine.
Sabung Ayam
Chick Corea Akoustic Band – Alive (full album) (Sun Jazz Radio)

chick corea (p)
john patitucci (b)
dave weckl (dms)

On Green Dolphin Street 00:00
How Deep Is The Ocean? 09:15
Humpty Dumpty 20:55
Sophisticated Lady 29:46
U.M.M.G 36:40
‘Round Midnight 42:15
Hackensack 50:54
Morning Sprite 53:36

recorded live in L.A circa 1991

Sabung Ayam