Basic Guidelines For Billiard Pyramid Game

Official billiard games need to be carried out on a legally sized table making use of standard balls and accessories that meet the needs of the Federation of Billiard Sports.

Start off of the game
At the start of the game 15 balls are set close to each and every other in the shape of a pyramid (triangle) with the base of pyramid parallel to the short side of the billiard table. White a single is regarded to be a “cue-ball” and is not incorporated in a pyramid.

Strike the cue ball
Strike of the “cue-ball” must be made by the front tip of the cue with the quick sharp motion. Otherwise it regarded to be a foul. Right to the first kick is determined by a lottery. Both players are kicking to the opposite side of billiard table. The winner is the player whose ball comes back closer toward them.

The drawing is automatically lost if the kicked ball did not touch the opposite side. The winner of the draw has the appropriate to commence himself or to give his correct to his opponent. Kicking the nearest ball is only permitted then distance among balls more than half of the radius of a ball. If distance is closer kick have to be carried out on the cutting angle of 45 degrees. The execution of incorrect hit leads to penalty.

Position of the ball is determined by the position of its center. Strike begins at the moment the cue tip make contact with with the cue ball and ends following a complete cease of all balls on the playing surface.

Ball is considered scored if it falls into the pockets following the valid kick. The a single reflected back from the pocket is not counted and remains in the game. The ball deliberately rolled by the board does not count. The kick with one hand is allowed and the ball in a packet as a result of this kick counted. If it nevertheless hanging more than packet and remains motionless for 5 seconds or much more soon after the stroke, and then falls into a pocket is placed back to its original location by the judge and the game continues. If it hangs and falls into a pocket inside 5 seconds it counts and the game continues.

Jumped Over
If ball is flying overboard of the billiard table it deemed to be a jumped over. If it touches the outside of the table by any objects such as the cue chalk, garments, or one thing like that, regarded as “jumped more than” even if it comes back to the playing surface. If the cue ball jumps over the side, the player is fined and scored a single returned back into the game.

Penalties are imposed in the following instances:
* When the cue ball does not touch any other
* When the cue ball jumped overboard
* When next kick created prior to the finish of the earlier stroke
* When player feet does not touch the floor
* When player touches any other ball prior to the stroke
* When player improperly kicking the closely standing balls
* When player double-hit the cue ball
* When cue ball falls into a pocket
* When player involved in and improperly wagering
* When player commits numerous violations

The interference by a rival
If the opponent touches, displaces or stops the ball moving in the path of the pocket it regarded as as intentional interference with the game and referee uses some actions:
* Warning
* Pronounce defeat
* Disqualification

Intentional delay of the game
If referee thinks that any of the players intentionally delaying the game, he can situation a warning and impose a one-minute time limit for preparation and execution of the next kick.

The protest over the interpretation of the guidelines has to be declared prior to the application of any subsequent stroke. The game at the identical time suspended. And the final choice is produced by Chief Justice of the competition.
Sabung Ayam
Protest u Beogradu, 4.april 2017 –

Protest koji neki od okupljenih građana opisuju kao protest zbog izbornih uslova,a pojedini kao nezadovoljstvo izbornim rezultatima završio se večeras oko 21,30 nakon više od tri sata šetnje. Ko je organizator protesta još nije poznato, niti su istakuti zvanični zahtevi zbog kojih se više hiljada ljudi okupilo u Beogradu. Protesna okupljanja građana počela su u više gradova u Srbiji.

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