Basic Overview of E-Learning System

E-Learning application includes the environment in which the learner interacts with content, knowledge, skill.E-Learning application enables the management and facilitation of a range of learning and teaching activities and services.

Some companies use e-learning application when training their employees or spreading out a short lecture. Universities use e-learning application in specific courses for programs.E-Learning system also to increases the learning capacity of students, employee etc.

Our E-Learning Solution provides flexible and automated way of learning. This solution can be helpful to institutions, organizations, universities, colleges etc.

This Solution is multilingual and provides total flexibility to customize and manage whole E-Learning solution in a user friendly way with easy user interfaces.

Main feature of the application is performance, lightweight and developed using advance programming technologies and tools.

E-Learning administrator has a total control over the application and users of the application. Administrator can define different roles for users and depend on those privileges user can access those many functionalities of system.

E-Learning solution provide administrator to define course area and define course and can relate course to particular course area. Define course topics and can relate coursetopics with particular course.

Administrator can define questions related to course topics and define test based on course. Administrator can also set maximum number of attempts user can give tests and it can also set Level for tests. Administrator can relate course with user so that tests available inside course will automatically accessible to users.

Administrator can analyze system using reporting tools available with this elearning system. Administrator can view how many tests held from which course and of which course area using course report and how many users given tests in which course using course reports and userrelated records using user report.

User can attend test and can view result as well as view history of tests given by user using report tools. User can also download documents related to course.

E-Learning application is one of the best examples of Java Solutions. This system is developed by latest j2ee technologies like spring, Hibernate and Most stable application server like web logic and Oracle Database. We can also customize this system for other application and database.