Basic Rules For Buying Designer Handbags Online – Avoiding Counterfeits!

By now just about everyone knows that its just a fact that the best retail venues for buying designer handbags are to be found online. Yet at the same time, who hasn’t turned on their TV at least once to be greeted by a news report of yet another Internet scammer who was effectively fleecing trusting Internet shoppers out of the hard earned money?

Simple Rules To Use When Shopping Online

So are there still fake fake designer handbags being sold online? The simple answer to that question is yes. However much has been learned and documented over time regarding things that you as a shopper can do to avoid getting taken. Simple rules that if you follow, will free you up from worry as you go about the business of finding the absolute beast deals out there on the net.

Only Shop From Reputable Websites

Understand this! You don’t have to delve in the back alleys of the Internet to find the dealers who have the best bargains. In deed, you see over the years reputations have been built and clientèle numbers have increased, so you “can” find a popular and trustworthy source right up front that has the volume now that it takes to offer the best deals.

Always Consider the Location Of Your Source!

Beyond that there are a number of basic rules and tricks that you as a shopper can use if you plan on hopping around the net to see whats out there, over the horizon so to speak in the way of deals on designer handbags. For instance, if an overseas site, say in China for instance, is offering incredible deals on Gucci, Juicy Couture or Coach bags you have to wonder how they are able do this without them being counterfeit. Did they import them? Naw! Their made in China, which means one thing. Fake!

Hey! If the Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True it Most Likely Is

Next you run across on an unbelievable deal on designer handbags, but the catch is that you must “buy now” because they will be gone tomorrow! The pictures aren’t close ups “but man” the prices are incredible! Hey! They are just designer handbags, so there are more where they got them so whats the real story. Also good cameras are dirt cheap now, so why no decent pics? Bottom line if the deal sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.