Basics of Siding in New Jersey

Siding, or the outer covering or cladding, of a house is placed on most houses to protect the home from the adverse effects of harsh weather. The siding in New Jersey of a home repels water from the framing and foundation of the home. The siding is also a key element in the aesthetic appeal of a home. Siding comes in horizontal or vertical boards. When siding is placed vertically it is generally called weather boarding. Some people use shingles or sheet metal materials as siding. Whether the siding in New Jersey is composed of vertical boards, horizontal boards, shingles or sheets of metal, the main purpose is to avoid wind and rain from seeping through the joints and other parts of the house. Along with the basic siding material, individuals often use interlocking techniques, sealing, or overlapping to protect the joints of the home. One technique used to protect the joints of a house is to use what is called a tongue-and-groove or rabbet, a type of interlocking joint.

Siding comes in a broad variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry, or composite materials. Siding in New Jersey is sometimes attached directly to the building structure. The siding is often anchored directly into the studs of a wood framed house. It is very important that the siding is anchored well to the house. Few things look trashier than siding that is falling or hanging off of a house. Vinyl siding in New Jersey is often criticized because it is not as environmentally friendly as other types of siding. Once siding is old enough that needs to be disposed of, it is difficult to find something to do with it. It doesn’t break down as easily as other types and stays in landfills much longer. Vinyl siding also doesn’t resist heat as well as other forms of siding. Barbecues can melt the siding. Also, in the case of a house fire, vinyl siding can conduct and allow fires to jump more easily between houses. Vinyl siding is also criticized for having a cheaper, more unnatural look.

Wood siding is also a common form of siding in New Jersey. Clapboard is a pattern of wood siding, where the wood is placed in a horizontal overlapping pattern. In colonial American eastern white pine was the most common material used for siding. Now, in the 20th and 21 centuries, cedar and redwood are much more commonly used. Redwood and cedar are often chosen for their natural weather resistant characteristics. Plywood is also used as siding in New Jersey in some situations. Plywood lacks the durability of fiber cement siding, vinyl siding in New Jersey, and the aesthetic appeal of solid woods like cedar and redwood. As a result, plywood is used almost exclusively on cheaper buildings and structures.

Metal siding is also used fairly often. It comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and metals. It is most often used with modern industrial and retro buildings. Aluminum siding is of the most common types of metal siding in New Jersey used.

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