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Relations with the three major home appliances
Marketplace The fate of giant Nanjing “Xinjiekou Wars,” will upgrade next week, but
Suning Electrical thought that States United States Only short-term behavior of low-cost war, and the “Daily Economic News” emphasized the continuity of the control Nanjing Suning market

Strategy To inaction. States United States: I want low-cost expansion
Next week, Gome will open up in Nanjing, the third and fourth store, which is also a shop in Xin Jie Kou, its first store just a few hundred meters apart. But also with the first store opened only 3 weeks apart. In addition, within this year, Nanjing Gome plans to open up 10 stores.

Nanjing Xinjiekou Gome opened its first store, not only the president
Huang Guangyu Opened the first store to visit the mainland site. Moreover, the country is now the U.S. has to back down with the straight way and Suning,

Five Star Two heated appliance stores
Competition . “At the time Price war Played ferocious, many things are cheap, I have been busy driving did not go. “Aug. 2 am a middle-aged female taxi driver told reporters regret.

8 2, journalists can also see in Nanjing Xinjiekou all stores to the “war” signs, elevator downstairs in five of the side wall, “the lowest price, no parity,” the propaganda language still cloth Man.

“During the year, Gome opened in Nanjing, the day of each new store has opened up shop will do the same

Promotions . “Jiang Su Pengrun GOME Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Lvhong Xi said mining. This also means that at least six games during the year Xinjiekou price war will be staged.

It Lvhong Xi said the country to expand the capacity of the U.S. market in Nanjing, China reached between the U.S. and the company good a win-win none other goals, including

Haier , TCL Hundreds of companies, including the products, the marketing of many products will be 20% to 30% of the let, in which firms supply goods store in Nanjing States United States States United States than in other parts of the supply to store 10% to 50% cheaper .

Same time, the Paradise is also accelerating the pace of the war Nanjing Xin Jie Kou. Out in early June the first shop of Nanjing Paradise, Paradise will soon open up in Nanjing Xin Jie Kou

Operate Area of 11,000 square meters of large stores during the year to open six stores in Nanjing. This Gome and Suning situation and constitutes a “three hegemony” map.

Suning Appliance: You arrived late With Nanjing as the “nest” of Suning Appliance, and this showed no panic. “Gome, Yongle to enter Nanking is inevitable, after all, is the number of Nanjing

Appliance Retail Enterprises compete for a market, but they have been late, the most reasonable time should be in 2003. “Sun Weimin, president of Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. smiled some disdain,” We wait for them to enter are getting impatient. “Said Sun Weimin, Suning has already prepared a how to deal with these two giants.

For the country’s low-cost U.S. war, Sun people that the U.S. manufacturers are unlikely to States for so long let, “is now home appliance retailers getting goods from the manufacturers, prices are basically similar, if there is 0.5% to 1% of the difference , manufacturers already face up to this enterprise. “Sun People on the” Daily Economic News “said.

Although people do not want to answer
Sun “will take part in national U.S. price war,” but who declined to be named with certainty Suning sectors of the “Daily Economic News” said: “China price war if the United States, Suning will follow, including the five-star will be the same, each retailer would want to lose their market share. “

Sun Weimin said Suning will not change the shop to see how opponents strategy will follow the usual shop Suning plans to do. By Suning Appliance’s

Planning , 670 million people of Nanjing, to open 15 to 20 of the stores, now have opened 10 stores.

“We also opened five stores ~ 10, are not required to be completed within a few years, but according to market demand to shop.” Sun Weimin said.

Judge, according to Su Ning, Nanjing, all household appliances retail market capacity estimated at 80 billion yuan, the market is currently dominated Suning, two five-star.

Have Expert That country the United States and settled in Nanjing Yongle massive, as is reduction of Suning, Five Star’s profitability. Sun Weimin said Suning’s gross profit margin in Nanjing indeed slightly higher than the national average, 10%, while profits in Nanjing Suning also accounted for 18% of their profits around the country.

“Unlike other home appliance store
State, can not store the number of wins, more rely on the background of management, the country several hundred meters away from the United States that the two stores way out is not desirable. “Sun commented on the people. SABUNG AYAM