Be A Conscientious Solo Traveler

To a greater extent, more people prefer to spend their holiday vacations in discovering new destinations abroad. Recently, there have been trends in going alone for a holiday vacation. Solo travel can be a lot of fun contrary to what most people think of as boring set-up. Traveling alone can actually be very exciting and rewarding. There are certain times that we want to spend some time away from the thoroughness of our daily busy lives.

Planning out a solo travel tour could stress you out, particularly if you are unfamiliar about your travel destination and how to find the best single travel deals. Here are guidelines that will help you enjoy a pleasurable and soothing vacation while keeping yourself safe at the same time.

-Be conscientious in making travel arrangements and don’t forget the basics. Have a duplicate copy of your important documents such as IDs, passport, and itineraries. Inform your family and friends of your vacation plan and when you will be leaving and returning.

-Travel around by means of a travel company; they usually have travel operators who plan vacations for single tourists. Since you travel on your own, it is likely that you will meet new people and make new friends within your tour group. Going out on a solo travel tour with a small group of people and a travel guide will help you stay out of harm’s way.

-Travel companies typically cater people in pairs. Solo tourists frequently get the shaft out of it and more likely they have to pay additional charges for the tour when they avail single travel deals alone. Thus, it will be worthy if you look for a single travel deals with the least fee.

-Finding out and learning as much as you can about the culture of people in your travel destination is one of the most excellent ways to keep yourself safe. In that manner, you do not give idea to the locals that you are a tourist. The World Wide Web is at your disposal in keeping yourself informed with the latest guide books about how the locals act and speak, what they wear, and where they eat. Make sure also to acquaint yourself with the local bylaws and customs. It is likely that you will become a prospect for theft if you act like the locals do.

-Mingle and make friends with other travelers. Solo travel can be lonesome but it can also be fun; that depends on how you deal with the circumstance. When you get into a solo travel tour, it is good to make new friends with your fellow tourists within the tour group, the travel guide,

Planning on travel alone and booking single travel deals do have intrinsic risks. The aforementioned guidelines will be able to keep you out of repressive situations out of the country. If you have smoothened out all the essential details about your trip abroad, you’ll do just fine on your solo expedition.
Sabung Ayam
Destiny – Solo Fallen SABER Nightfall (Gold) – Daybreak! April 25, 2017 – Weekly Nightfall Solo

Destiny – Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Nightfall Solo on Warlock for Age of Triumph – with Daybreak! 60325 Gold Team Score in Under 30 Minutes Timer / Sunrise Bounty Completion – 4-25-17 / April 25th, 2017 Weekly Reset in Rise of Iron! This is 380 Light recommended. Modifiers are: Epic, Solar Burn, Ironclad, Airborne, Exposure, Daybreak.

Repeating the trend of Year 2, so figured this still might be helpful to some if I do this weekly game play – a bit of a guide/how to solo the Nightfall each week. Will be implementing cheese spots where I can to show people how to make the fights easier. On challenging weeks, will likely show with cheese and with no cheese.

Did it on Warlock this week as I did both Titan and Hunter last week. I’ll do Hunter again next week as I’ve done quite a few Titan runs lately, and then go back to regular rotation. The last couple of weeks have been: Hunter (Sepiks Prime), Warlock (Taniks), Titan (Taniks Again), Titan (Nexus Mind), Warlock (Abomination Heist), Titan (Shield Brothers), Hunter (Shield Brothers No Cheese), and now Warlock (Fallen SABER). Hunter will be next week.

09:20 – Boss Fight

Cheese for this, there’s still a working method to glitch out of the map for the warsat:

Difficulty-wise, because Daybreak is on, it’s really prety easy no matter what you do. I had self-res here so it let me play a little more stupid (the whole point of self-res, can play more carelessly!), so a few silly mistakes in the run you can see because I knew I had the safety. I’d do this with a “no self-res” like normal, but considering it’s Daybreak the difficulty won’t change too much so won’t bother with another I think.

Weapons this week: Solar Grenades! But otherwise I used Adept Vision of Confluence, Solar Ex Machina, Solar The Warpath.

Next weekly reset the Nightfall may be a little late sorry, in the final part of the big move so not sure if the Internet will be available at reset time. Will get it up within the next day or two, hopefully there won’t be too much delay but just a heads up 🙂

Due to the changes to Nightfalls requiring certain timers/enemy kills for the Gold Score, my approach will change a little in these. Rather than going fast and taking risks, will likely play a little slower and take it safe to clear all the enemies. I much prefer taking risks and going as fast as possible, but for gold medals need to adjust to that playstyle is all!

This is for the weekly reset 25th April, 2017. Apr 25th, 4/25/2017. 25/4/2017, 4/25, 25/4, 4-25, 25-4 in Destiny Rise of Iron / ROI expansion.


Sabung Ayam