Be A Shopper With A Millionaire’s Mind

When walking along the city streets, you will notice that some people simply stand out because of their clothing. They dont necessarily wear a million-dollar jacket matched with designer boots, or the most expensive pair of jeans partnered with sneakers worth a thousand bucks. They stand out not because they are millionaire shoppers, but because they are shoppers with a millionaires mind. Some people just know how to dress well.

Different body types require different wardrobe styles. For example, if you are on the chubby side, you must stay away from horizontal stripes, big stripes and big prints. Horizontal stripes draw the eye from left to right, emphasizing the persons bulkiness. People with this kind of body type can wear shirts with vertical stripes and prints. If you are a simple dresser, go for monochromatic clothing.

Being skinny and tall may be the best physique for runway models, but if you do not know how to flaunt that bone structure, you would look unfashionably scrawny. Unlike chubby people, skinny and tall ones are advised to wear garments with horizontal stripes and big prints. Fitted and lighter-colored shirts also highlight the contours of the tall and skinny.

On the other hand, shorter men and women are advised to wear pointed shoes. These make the legs appear longer. Likewise, they should avoid wearing short-waist jeans as this will stress their short trunks. Various mens designer jeans have designs and style that suit shorter men and women.

Men and women with bulky figure differ when it comes to wearing tight tops. For women, designer jeans paired with a fitting tank top will make an impressive look. This is because they can wear undergarments that can make their midsection look flatter. For bulky men, however, tight-fitting shirts are not recommended.

For both men and women, designer jeans are one of the most basic pieces of clothing in their wardrobe. Shirts and blouses are also included. Nevertheless, whatever your tastes and preferences in clothing are, you must bear in mind the type of clothing that suits you. Be sure to shop wisely and choose the clothes that fit your body type. Shop with a millionaires mind.