Beach Style For Your Home Decor

One of the trendiest vogues today is tropical home decor. Tropical chic decorating comprises of jungle themes, use of natural texture, exotic touch, warmth as well as comfort. Traditional themes interspersed with touches of fresh appeal are used in the tropical home decorating style. In your kid’s room you may create a multi hued jungle type look which does not mean that you have adopted he tropical chic decorating style for your home. It involves the use of plenty of texture with a few accessories that are large sized along with simple details and creating a minimalist look with lush overtones.

Motifs and colors for tropical home decor: Broad leafed banana plants, sea shells, tropical fish, monkeys, animal prints, palm trees, leather, cloth, rattan furniture are some of the common tropical chick decorating home decor motifs. As far as colors are concerned the perfect tropical ambiance is achieved by using neutral tones. Ivory, beige, camel skin shades, tan, dark brow, mellow gold and pale yellows are the common color which provide basis of for a tropical themed look. By using mahogany brown, black and dull reds, accents can be created. Though this kind of tropical decorating theme is used in living rooms and family rooms, it looks great even in master suites and bathrooms too.

Tropical furniture: The comfortable and upholstered look is one of the basic elements in room decorating styles in a tropical theme. A restful environment is provided by adding horizontally oriented long lines which emphasizes a casual ambiance. Plants, artwork screens are some of the taller elements that can be used in a grand scale.

Tropical furniture that is made from light wood is great to look at and with a combination of dark tables and lamps it looks even greater. A must are also accent pieces in wicker, bamboo, iron and wrought iron. Dark wood and Rattan furniture in combination also make great combinations for tropical styled decorating styles.

Home decorating in the tropical style will need some accessories like wall tapestries with palm trees, palm leaves, and flowers, wicker vases with artificial tropical flowers, indigenous art and artifacts, conches and shells, jute rungs, decorative bamboo and wooden screens, pictures and paintings of landscapes, animals and trees etc. If you are already using large leafy and animal prints it is a better idea not to overdo too many accessories in a tropical decor. If you design the tropic inside your home, you can take the style to the outdoors as well as there is a huge range of tropical garden furniture available.
Sabung Ayam
Chick Corea 20 Children’s Songs for piano

Chick Corea
20 Children’s Songs for piano
I 00:00
II 01:48
III 02:41
IV 03:58
V 06:12
VI 07:24
VII 09:36
VIII 11:19
IX 13:02
X 14:10
XI 15:35
XII 16:11
XIII 18:43
XIV 20:21
XV 22:08
XVI 23:18
XVII 24:17
XVIII 25:43
XIX 27:16
XX 29:23

Leon Bates, piano

Picture: Thomas Eakins Baby at Play 1876 Washingon National Gallery of Art

[…] The Children’s Songs were Corea’s first attempt at writing for solo piano. These pieces were begun in 1971 and were added to gradually over the next nine years, culminating in the twenty pieces represented here. […] The Songs are reminders of the Scenes from Chidhood of Robert Schumann and the Children’s Pieces of Mussorgsky in that they are short, to the point and are quite contrasting in their natures. The Corea songs are characterized by infectious ostinato bass-lines, syncopated rhythms and circular melodies that are very charming in their innocence. The Children’s Songs are fun to play because while being simple and direct in their statements they are sometimes quite probing and colourful in their nuances, not unlike children themselves.
Music Notes by Leon Bates

Sabung Ayam