Benefits Of A New Zealand Wool Rug

If you want to choose a flooring that is practical, durable, as well as being stylish and warm then you should consider getting hold of a New Zealand wool rug. All woollen rugs have a timeless appeal which cannot be had by cheaper designs made out of artificial fibres, and New Zealand is known to be one of the best sources of wool. The sheep in this part of the world are famous for producing a fleece that is as pure and white as possible.

The sheep that graze in New Zealand have a better life than in other parts of the world. Unlike other countries, no pesticides are spread on sheep farms and ranges in the country so you can have peace of mind that any products sourced form NZ wool would be as environmentally friendly as theoretically possible. The woollen rugs from New Zealand are produced in the most eco friendly manner possible and do not upset the delicate balance between agriculture and nature.

As with oriental and Persian rugs, those pieces designed in New Zealand can be had in a myriad of designs and almost any size you could wish for. As the wool used in the rugs is of the purest quality it is often said that dyes and colors hold firmer in the rugs from this part of the world, NZ wool rugs have colors that will not fade even after many years, they keep their original appearance far longer than other more well known designs.

They come in both contemporary and traditional designs. A bright and strong base helps to produce the most vibrant of pieces. The yarns used in the best quality pieces are stain resistant and color fast. Of course there are cheaper products available but these are not usually worth considering as they may soon show their age.

The cost of a New Zealand wool rug will depend in part on whether it has been machine woven or hand tufted. Thickness and density will also determine cost. Usually a handmade rug would be thicker and have a greater density than those that are woven by machines. All quality woollen rugs can last a decade or longer if properly maintained.

If you have a specific design in mind, perhaps you want a certain group of colors or image to match you current decor, then you can contact a retailer about having a piece custom made. Many rug manufacturers and sellers now offer the opportunity to choose from a number of different central designs, as well as a range of borders, shapes, background patterns, piles, and colors. You can be certain to create a piece that is unique and original.

Before rushing out to your nearest showroom it can be worthwhile checking out online the options in your area. The more research you do the better chance you would have of spending your money wisely.

Try to compare as many rugs and prices as you can. By choosing a NZ wool rug you can enhance your homes decor with the least amount of effort. SABUNG AYAM