Benefits Of Using A Copeland Semi-Hermetic Compressor

In its September 2010 issue, Pipelines International, a magazine that features news relevant for the pipeline industry, has revealed that compressor technology is all set to usher in revolutionary changes. The newer makes will incorporate sturdier materials, improved component designs, and advanced fabrication techniques. These modifications will be made to improve performance, efficiency, and increase control so that gas reserves can be developed and harnessed more economically. The Copeland semi-hermetic compressor line already incorporates forms and functionalities that let you harness these benefits.

If the compressor and the motor of a cooling unit are completely encased within a welded housing unit, it is known as “hermetic.” In a semi-hermetic compressor, even though the motor and the compressor are housed within a welded unit, they can nevertheless be accessed through access plates that remain bolted.

Here are the benefits of using a Copeland semi-hermetic compressor, to excite you into ordering them:

Lessened Chances of Refrigerant Leakage: Debate is always rife as to which is better-an open compressor or a hermetic one? Increasing concerns over environmental hazards of using certain types of refrigerants has tipped the scales in favor of the latter.

Shaft penetration is the most potent cause of refrigerant loss. But there are less chances of shaft penetration in a Copeland semi-hermetic compressor where the motor is installed within the compressor casing. This feature assumes the greatest importance if the refrigerant is known to possess toxic chemical properties.

Provision of Capacity Stages: A Copeland semi-hermetic compressor lets you unload pairs of cylinders that are within a single unit. This allows you to achieve capacity stages. For instance, a semi-hermetic compressor consisting of six cylinders can be staged such that it operates at three different capacities-100%, 67%, or 33%. Motor Longevity: When you use a Copeland semi-hermetic compressor, you can be assured of a prolonged motor life. Refrigerant cooling ensures this longevity because the temperature levels are low and the coolant is free from impurities and dirt. Easy Servicing: Since the motor and the compressor can be easily accessed, servicing is easy. A repairman can easily fix a burned coil or any other mechanical snag; change compressor oil; and also check the oil levels.

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