Benefits Of Using Rack Mount KVM

The Red Hat Summit 2010 took place this year in June in Boston, Massachusetts. The forum brought together developers and researchers of KVM technology, business owners, and others users of KVM products who shared news on recent innovations and predicted the trends that will rule roost in future. The Summit also showcased the latest and the very best in KVM products that are right now jostling for buyers’ attention-the rack mount KVM being one of the eyeball-grabbers.

So what prompts business owners to invest in a rack mount KVM? Here are the benefits of using one:

Space-Saving Design: A rack mount KVM is a unit that combines a keyboard, a mouse, an LCD, and a KVM switch. These devices do not need a separate video monitor to be plugged in and work well with a PVM switch with 8, 16, or 32 ports. This ensures that the device does not take up too much space in the work area.

Sturdy and Stable Design: This device is not only designed to make optimal use of the available rack mountable space but also remain stable wherever it may be put up. So it is equipped with robust slide rails and rack mounting brackets that can be adjusted to fit into any space.

Ability to Control Multiple Devices: A rack mount KVM can control up to 32 PCs with a single monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. It can brandish more control if it has a cascading design. The USB make allows one user to control more than one USB computer with one USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor while the PS2 make requires a PS2 keyboard, mouse, and a monitor to wield similar control.

Security Over the Network: This KVM incorporates admirable security measures. For instance, your password and other confidential data are secured against assaults from hackers.

Economical: A rack mount KVM does away with the need to install multiple keyboards, mice, and monitors. This wrings in immense cost benefits. Additionally, the streamlining of production processes that the KVM ensures also has its own cost advantages.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: This device is compatible with a wide range of platforms-DOS, Windows, Unix, and Linux. This makes it perfect for almost all business settings.

So now that you are convinced that a rack mount KVM is absolutely essential for your business, why not buy one from I-Tech Company. They not only ensure quality products but will also customize them to meet your unique requirements.

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