Berkeley – Land Of The Wild

Let’s take a appear at the current history of the City of Berkeley California, located on the shores of San Francisco Bay.

The 1970s saw a decline in the population of Berkeley, partly due to an exodus to the suburbs. Some moved due to the fact of the rising price of living all through the Bay Region, and others because of the decline and disappearance of numerous industries in West Berkeley. Many factories went shuttered or moved away to far better places. Significantly of the West Berkeley enterprise district was developed in the war years of the forties. Considerably like the City of Richmond to the north.

The period from the 1980s proper up to the present has been marked by a continuation of rising fees, particularly with respect to housing, especially because the mid-1990s. In 2005-2007, sales of residences started slowing, but typical house costs were, and as of 2008 remain, amongst the highest in the nation. Of course several of those homes in the hills have spectacular bay views which preserve their value higher. Nonetheless they are also located very close to to the Hayward earthquake fault as well. This makes several nervous about living there lengthy term. Did you know that the fault runs right down the middle of the Cal football stadium? You can actually see exactly where it has shifted the walls at 1 end of the stadium.

Though numerous think of the 1960s as the heyday of liberalism in Berkeley, it remains a single of the most overwhelmingly Democratic cities in the United States. Today it has one particular of the most progressive city governments in the nation as a lot of who have been involved in political action in the 60’s settled down and became active in neighborhood politics.

The era of massive public protest waned significantly with the finish of the Vietnam War in 1974. A single person who rose in prominence for the duration of the late sixties and into the seventies was Ron Dellums, nephew of C.L. Dellums, an African American labor leader. He initial served on the City Council, and later became a federal representative for the district which consists of Berkeley. He was elected as Mayor of Oakland in 2006, where sadly he progressive previous has not served him well in a new city with large urban difficulties.

Also in 2006, a tree sit-in began, protesting the building of a new sports center annex to Memorial Stadium at the expense of a grove of oak trees on the UC campus. The protest ended in September 2008 after a lot of months of negotiations with the tree sitters. The trees came down and the university intends to go forward with its construction of the sports complex.

In 2007-08, demonstrations against a Marine Corps recruiting office in downtown have been ongoing, receiving specific media interest right after the City Council proposed to draft an anti-recruiting letter to the Marines. This action drew a lot national media interest and triggered the city to at some point back down.

1 point is for confident, Berkeley will often remain exclusive on the American landscape. But 1 factor you should know is that in spite of its colorful past, Berkeley remains a serene and beautiful spot to reside. It stretches from the lovely shores of SF Bay to the open park land of Tilden Park in the eastern hills above UCB.
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