Best Handheld eBook Reader Has Loads of Friendly Features

The best hand held eBook reader, Kindle, is quickly catching up among people the world over and making waves with its many features and functions. If you have wide array of needs and interests, the best eBook readers are what you need these days as it is both loaded with features and extremely affordable as well.

Handy and affordable

Among the kindle eBook readers available for sale, the model with a 6 inch display screen that can store more than 1500 books is the most sought after. If you are someone on-the-go and always mobile, you would need an electronic book reader that is handy and affordable as well. The model is known as kindle 2 and there is another handheld reader called kindles DX which is more expensive as you get a 9.7 inch screen along with it.

You can multitask with the features of the kindle DX as it allows you to read reports easily and also read long texts. Being expensive, the model comes with an even large storage space for nearly 3500 books and has auto rotation display features as well.

Any eBook reader review will vouch for the benefits of the advanced stuff even thought they are slightly more expensive. Being large doesn’t make it bulky as it is sleek and measures barely a third of an inch in thickness.

The handheld eBook reader can offer you load of technical advantages and some aspects like getting a direct access to the kindle store is also lucrative enough to go for it. You can go through nearly 4,000,000 books and buy the ones you like.

You can have access to this wide resource in a flash without any hitch. Having so many books at hand can be an added feature of the advanced and popular handheld book reader.

Free wireless access

You can view the first chapter to form your buying decisions without having to spend any money and you can have access to more valuable content without any hassle. Among the extra and free features is the wireless access that all the best readers are entitled to.

With friendly features like these, you can take the eBook wherever you like and stay free from any worries. The lightweight design and easy portability has managed to market the eBook widely coast to coast.

Functionality, ease and simplicity are features that are craved for by consumers when they go shopping for an eBook. On a single charge, thousands of titles can be held and you don’t have to pay any charges for wireless also. For making the most out of your money, your best bet would be to go for the advanced stuff like the handheld eBook reader.