Best six Greatest Free Games for Android Devices

Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice

Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice is an arcade game that is always ice age in Antarctica exactly where penguins play ice games among the snow and rocks. This is about the penguins running and racing to bar the puck and serve as mallets. They are fun playing in the snow, Yuletide or any time of the year. If you like to see penguins racing, flying, or gliding, this Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice is for you. But, these penguins are not related with Pittsburg hockey team or any other group from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League. It has 3 various settings: ice, snow and rocks.

Manuganu Platform Runner (Free)

Manuganu is a 3D side-scroller action game developed by Alper Sarikaya. You can play as Manuganu, a boy who earns coin and medallions. You need to avoid falling rocks, swinging hammers and ice blocks in this simple and intriguing game. It has a superb graphics and offers players far more than 30 levels with different designs. Button controls and swipe movements let customers develop alternate paths for Manuganu. You have to stay away from challenges by making use of double jumping and wall sliding abilities.

Draw Wars

Draw Wars is played by just tapping of your finger on the screen to generate a chaotic wave of damage in Draw Wars. You need to guard a battalion that will take handle over planes, tanks and infantry to end your enemy. You can knowledge the thrill of winning 40 distinct fights in three battles. Draw Wars has outstanding 3D visuals and sound effects combined with touch-screen tested tactics, making this another highly habit-forming Android app.


You can develop your personal gun and battle against 20 million gamers across the globe in this virtual reality shooting and action game. You have to take manage of your game making use of virtual reality controls and track your improvement on the leaderboards. Head to head multiplayer lets you clash against your buddy or colleagues with or without having the game center. Occasionally, all you require is simplicity.

Jetpack Joyride

The makers of Fruit Ninja gave us Jetpack Joyride. You need to play as Barry, who gets a top-secret machine-gun-powered jetpack from a furtive laboratory. Following lift-off, players can use their fingers to release Barry larger and greater. By acquiring the energy-ups, you can get a boost of speed. Some other power-ups that help this pint-sized hero increase his larger score are the bubbles, lasers and rainbows.

Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger lets you play as a hooded heroine armed with poor-ass bow. The Boss Raid and Death Match mode permits customers to play in distinct battles. Maintain away mob of enemies at once and you will gather distinct rewards. Dark Avenger is one particular of the mobile MORPGs and the adventures are limitless.