Best Way to get a Six Pack in a Month

Learning the best way to get a six pack in a month can be a tiring process. It will take dedication and commitment to get great abs in a week. You can get a good start to building six pack abs in under a week by following Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs book.

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Here are a few best ways to get Six Pack Abs tips I learned from Mike Geary (author of Truth About Abs):

The first & most important thing to get control of in order to lose your stomach fat & get flat six pack abs is cleaning up your diet. Exercise is important, but your diet is king when it comes to losing body fat so that you can see your abs. A better diet needs to start from week one.

The second best way to get a six pack in a month that works time & time again, is to focus on the intensity of your workouts & focus on working the body as a whole in order to get the best metabolic response to lose that stubborn stomach fat.

For the third best way to get a six pack in a month, let’s speak about actually training the abs specifically. When it comes to training the abs, in case you need actual results, I always recommend forgetting about the crunches & situps for the most part. they are ok for someone that is out of shape, but most people that already have some training under their belt need a much better stimulus for their abs than crunches. Crunches are one of the abs exercises that actually provide the least amount of resistance, & keep in mind that resistance is what develops & tones the muscles.

In order to  get lean, the workouts ought to have a high intensity, with short rest periods, working the largest muscle groups of the body, instead of trying to isolate specific miniscule muscles like the biceps, triceps, or calves. Getting six pack abs in a month will be hard to do and may need an additional month for best results, but it is a good starting place to work from.

There’s a ton of great abs exercises in the Truth about abs book, but one of THE highest resistance exercises for the abs, is hanging leg raises (but NOT the way you see most people at the gym doing them). The key to doing these & actually working the hell out of your abs is to curl your pelvis up as you raise your legs. Nobody ever does this ab exercise right. To be honest,  all of people can’t do this at first, but I provide some strategies in my book as to how to progress to doing these correctly.

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