Beware Of Fake Cottage To Enjoy Quality And Service Sakura – Cherry Blossoms, Water Heaters –

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: Recently, a spate of fake local “
“Product hurt consumer events, these
Products are often used with Sakura similar name, logo, consumers difficult to differentiate. Many victims were able to buy knockoff also unaware, until the use of a period of time, I can feel the poor quality of the products and all kinds of faults, so that consumers will suffer, causing all kinds of security problems.

The time to find the consumer sales business or manufacturer, you will find the real trouble lies in its sale
Extremely imperfect. Because counterfeiters are cottage small factories, therefore strength scarcities maintenance technology, nor is there sufficient services network, even if the consumer ran their legs can not solve the problem, routine maintenance, etc. is out of the question.
Beware of fake

cottage to enjoy cherry quality and service

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Want to avoid being the cottage version of “Sakura” harm, the easiest way is through the cherry stores, boutiques and informal channels such as the appliance store to buy, while the time of purchase should recognize the Sakura brand identity, not eyes were fascinated to counterfeit.

Market reputation as a good brand, Sakura has been excellent quality to win the trust of consumers and to safeguard the interests of consumers wholeheartedly, with several decades, such as day of action to achieve the commitments to consumers. Such as cherry
Range Hood
“Permanent free to send oil net” services, annual oil net to consumers free of charge at the door, since 1978 has been in place for 32 years, so that consumers enjoy free washable permanent relaxed life. The cherry on the other a permanent action, cherry
Water heater
“Permanent free safety inspection,” has entered the 24th year, always bring peace of mind protection for consumers.

Sell products, not poured out of the water, precisely in order to provide better service, cherry established in the country more than 60 branches and more than 1,000 service centers, with perfect
Service network and the implementation of high-quality specifications to ensure that every consumer Funeral Navigation Sakura. “We want to get you more”, just as Sakura’s corporate slogan says is true, Sakura always uphold the spirit of all for the sake of consumers, the interests of consumers first, and keep up to action.

The same time, the face of emerging cottage market of counterfeit products, counterfeiting Sakura spare no effort to clean up the market in recent years, and took up law as a weapon to protect their rights to “cherry Suzhou (Suzhou Sakura Electric Co., Ltd.)”, “Nantong cherry (Nantong Sakura Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), “” mostly Sakura (Sakura Ningbo General Electric Co., Ltd.) “and” Li Gui, “11 cut Lok Ma, maintaining brand image, to defend the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Counterfeiting efforts in addition to constantly increasing, cherry also continue to remind consumers through the media to the formal
Buy Sakura channel products, and must clearly identify the Sakura brand identity (graphics for the cherry red background with five white petals, green background with white under the English name of “SAKURA”), beware of being cottage Edition “cherry “deceived. Only the joint efforts of the brand with consumers, who can give clear evidence of fake and shoddy. SABUNG AYAM