Biggest eBay Business – Steps to Making Your Business One of eBay’s Biggest Businesses

Looking to get a business on eBay that can make you a ton of money? Let me take you through some steps I think are important

1) Make sure your product is great

If you don’t have a great product then you won’t have a lot of people looking for it.  Make sure that your product is one of those products that will always be in demand, so that you can continually grow with it and gather more and more people who make their purchases from you.

2) Become an expert in that field

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then your customers may sense it.  You may not type something correctly, or you may not present data in the right way.  Maybe you won’t even know the proper way to sell your product?

For instance, if I was going to sell you a car, what are a few things that might come to mind that you would want to ask me?

Maybe… Is the car in good condition? Have I crashed it? Maintained it? Is the engine okay?

Now… Imagine that I’m actually not in front of you… And you’re just reading my car’s ad.  That means that I have to ASSUME you will ask those questions and give you the answers on there before hand.  But what if I’m just talking gibberish like… “It’s a beautiful white color that was seen in a movie in 1999, it looks just like it.”

What would you do? Probably move on to the next car.

That’s what I mean, you have to answer the proper questions before your customers even ask them, that way you’ll have a lot more qualified buyers.

3) Make sure you’re getting it for wholesale prices (your product)

Make sure that your costs are low is basically one of the most important aspects of business.  You have to really make sure that you’re pulling a nice profit on your sales, otherwise it just won’t be worth it.  Or worse yet, you may end up losing money like tons of other people because your costs are just too high.

Don’t expect to be able to go to Walmart and buy products for super cheap, and then sell them on eBay.  The eBay prices are already marked down, and you have to go to a wholesaler to get your products cheap enough to be successful on eBay