Bird Watching at its best

Wildlife has always fascinated man since time immemorial. Hunting was a favorite sport of the Rajas and Maharajas and they took pride in flaunting their kills. However, with time many things changed. Today hunting is banned throughout the world and is a punishable crime. However, man’s quest into the enchanting world of animals did not end here. Being the most intelligent species of God, he turned from a hunter to a wildlife lover.

As the lover in man evolved, he turned into bird watcher as it is evident from the popularity of birding tours across India. The practice of observing birds in their natural environment and capturing them on your lens is one of the most upcoming recreations among people. Indian bird watching tours are spread across the thick and span of the country. It will not be wrong to say that India is heaven to every bird watcher across the globe thanks to the amazing number of species present here.

Birders are crazy people who just enjoy the natural theatre of birds. Their receptive ears and sharp sight are always on the lookout for their perfect capture. However, the ‘capture’ here implies the one with a lens and not a gun. Their bewildering love of birds is evident from the fact that they spend lakhs in buying expensive cameras, lens, tripods and binoculars to click these avian species in their natural surroundings and in their most natural of pose.
If you happen to be one among these bird watching enthusiasts, then your wanderlust should take you towards the birding tours of India. Ours is the land which has boundless species of birds right from the native to the migrant ones. Not to forget are some of the most amazing bird sanctuaries spread across the whole country.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Jim Corbett National Park are the hotspots for birders roaming in their pursuit of birding tours in North India. Scattered around Delhi in different directions, all these sanctuaries offer a myriad variety of birds nestled in their habitat. Though they are open throughout the year, winter is the best time to visit because of the arrival of migratory birds. All these sanctuaries are weekend getaways from Delhi and can be explored separately if bird watching is a serious agenda on your list. However, if you are an amateur enthusiast, you can choose from one among them and pursue your recreation there.
Bird lovers coming from across different countries for Indian bird watching tours need to keep extra days in their kitty if they wish to explore the entire bird watching sites in India. Birding tours in India are spread in every nick and corner of the country and require a lot of travelling if one has to cover all in one go. Therefore it is very important to plan your itinerary in advance. Travel agents are usually booked during the peak season and seats availability is low. Hence it is advisable to book in advance and choose the best of operators specialized in their job.
Sabung Ayam