Blogging Tools – A Must Have

Blogging has been a staple in the internet community. From personal use, it has evolved to become an essential tool in delivering up-to-date news and building communications in a business. Amateurs and professionals alike use blogging as a tool to become better in their craft or as a money making business endeavour. That is why choosing the right blogging tools is essential in making one’s life as a blogger easier.

What are blogging tools? Blogging tools are software that allows its user to create and publish blogs. Different blogging tools have different features. From adding photos, video, and sound to changing and personalizing the look of one’s blog, these features allow one to customize their blogs to fit its content or the blogger’s personality and preferences. Choosing the right software that fills the needs of the user is key to becoming a successful online publisher.

Different blogging tools employ different features. The kinds of features they have depend on what kind of users will most likely use them. Some software only includes some basic features and are designed for beginners who don’t have much experience or knowledge about building sites and blogging. Other blogging software caters to more experienced bloggers. They have advanced features that are a little more complicated to understand and use.

There are two types of blogging software. These are hosted blog software and independent blog software. Hosted blog software are software where all the data and features are accessible online. Independent blog software can be downloaded and installed in a web server of the user’s choosing. Independent blogs can be done even if the user is not online. It can be configured to the blogger’s specifications. Posts can be published on the time indicated by the user.

Here are some features blogging tools may have:

• Creating and publishing posts – The most essential feature a blogging software can have. Since the main purpose of blogging is the posting of written content, being able to write fast and accurately is what every blogger needs.
• Uploading photo’s, video, and sound – Some more advanced blogging software allows its users to add photo’s or video or even sound to their post. This makes it easier for the readers. They don’t have to download files just to view or hear something that the blogger wants to share.
• Displaying of content and user interface – To make a blog readable, users must be able to navigate around the site easily and read blog entries with ease.
• Customizing layout and design of the blog – A blogs design and appearance must reflect its content and its maker. Blogs must allow users to personalize their blog’s appearance and overall theme.
• Blog statistics – To keep track of the blogs performance, the blogger must be able to see how much traffic it generates. With this information one can make adjustments on how to improve traffic and sustain the interest of its visitors.

There are a lot more features a blogging tool can posses. From the most basic to the most advanced, it is up to the user which features he or she will need in his or her blog.