Bluetooth Sig Executive Director Issued A Statement On The Wi-fidirect – Bluetooth,

November 11 news recently, Wi-Fi wireless local area network is considered (LAN, about personal equipment and Internet connection) to the best technology, and Bluetooth wireless technology is best suited to wireless personal area network (PAN, about each individual device connection) technology, and Wi-Fi Alliance announced the Wi-FiDirect of the entire wireless industry confused.

However, since the 802.11 and Bluetooth radio together in the same equipment (such as Mobile Or personal computer), the information about how to improve the use of PAN application 802.11 radio frequency issues immediately arise. The answer is to use BluetoothSIG adopted in April 2009 the Bluetooth v3.0 + HS specifications. The specification defines how the integrated use of 802.11 radio and Bluetooth radio. The comprehensive use of two RF produced a complete, high performance system that can make PAN applications are the best performance for each technology.

It is understood that the Bluetooth specification v3.0 + HS does not use Wi-Fi. It uses the International Motor Electronic Engineers (IEEE) awarded by the training? 02.11 RF specifications. Bluetooth existing features (such as simple matching, profile) have been able to provide effective and reasonable for the user a complete solution, but more than 30 million units available in the market Bluetooth products, long-term use of this technology, users are very familiar with it.

Wi-FiDirect technology is in fact a direct connection to two network devices. Such as personal computers and printers to connect using the Ethernet switch to print the image (Wi-Fi formerly known as wireless Ethernet). Even if these two devices can connect to the network and the assumption that there are IP based equipment (such as DHCP, DNS, etc.) or in the same way that they automatically search for IP, they will be able to communicate through the IP protocol, but users still need to install the IP interfaces for the printer , and the driver. This is in the home environment is not a big problem, because users have to install a printer driver interface, but not too complicated. However, in most cases, home users will have wireless access points, and users will also connect the printer to the home of all computers, so users in the home environment is likely to be selected wireless access point rather than Wi-FiDirect . In the mobile environment, it may not be driven. Even with the drive, in order to print and install the driver once the user is also too complicated. Users need both the printer and drivers installed on your computer to print pictures. That in other common cases, a similar lack of ease of use issues.

The contrary, the two devices using Bluetooth technology is the use of standardized profiles. For the above example, just the pictures to be printed as usual right click and select “Print” or “send to” and equipment will then search to the printer without installing drivers or additional software to print the pictures. Very simple, convenient and efficient.

Clearly, search multiple solutions to IP services, and any one solution can be used to simplify the IP-based printing operation. However, there are a variety of search solutions, IP services, the operation will enable users to become too complicated, and many equipment manufacturers may not use a unified solution, users will need to know their products, solutions and only use able to purchase compatible equipment. Therefore, Wi-FiDirect specifications will not be much help for the users, but instead make users have to understand how their products are used in UPnP, Bonjour, DLNA, SLP or other technologies. Should the use of Bluetooth solutions, users only need to understand whether their products support the Bluetooth function. SABUNG AYAM