Bo Li Hua Anion Antibacterial Tile Tile New Market Benchmark – Ceramics, Tiles, Anti-bacterial –

Bo Hua Ceramic then pass the good news! In recent days, Guangdong, China Bo ceramic enterprises will be successfully developed anti-bacterial and purifying the air features the combination of anion antibacterial tiles and sanitary ware by the National Building Quality Supervision Test Center, the product quality conforms JC/T897-2002 “antibacterial ceramics Antibacterial products “standard.

Ceramic according to the National Health Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Quality Supervision, Inspection report, Bo Hua anion tiles on the E. coli bacteria, the average inhibition rate was 90.8%, and Staphylococcus aureus was 96.0% inhibition, beyond the provisions of relevant standards indicators. Although its appearance no different from ordinary tile, but Bohua anion antibacterial tiles can effectively prevent bacteria attached to its surface, and the continued stability of the release of negative ions to remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, eliminate odor, improve indoor air quality. Building Materials Industry Environmental Monitoring Center of the monitoring and analysis report, the two flat on the grill on the ion collector, the collector on the 0.4 cubic meters of closed positions, the use of static air ions Tester for continuous testing, materials average amount of negative ions per cubic centimeter 267.

Bo Hua Lu, CEO of Memorial assistant said: “This research is only the first step for success in the future China will increase efforts to develop Bo, so that product release negative ions per cubic centimeter of more than 800!” Negative ions in nature everywhere, thunder and lightning, plant photosynthesis, water falls and so the impact can produce a large number of negative ions, so that people during a lightning storm, the forest, the waterfall next to feel the air especially fresh. Anion concentration is also an important indicator of air quality assessment. Medical studies have shown that negative ions not only help to improve the body’s heart and lung function, and makes spirits, have some sedative and analgesic effects, but also can improve the human immune system.

Ion technology is the second after nano-photocatalyst technology generation functional materials, applications cover many areas, in recent years in the field of air purification has shown great application.

Total Lu explained to reporters, in their daily home life, bathroom, kitchen, living room, study, kitchen and bathroom in particular is easy to breed and breed bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus). Therefore, Bo Hua anion antibacterial tiles not only apply to common household kitchen and bathroom with a relatively intimate space, also apply to hospital operating rooms, sterile rooms, schools and public bathrooms, restaurants and other public places, as consumers, home space, living environment more “healthy” element.

2007 years of ceramic tile and health development in the Green function of the increasing development of antimicrobial ceramics, tiles continuously launch new environmentally friendly. Experts believe that a class of antimicrobial materials with antibacterial and bactericidal properties of new materials, since the material itself is given antimicrobial can make the surface of antibacterial materials in time to achieve sterilization through contact or inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, and thus achieve long-term health, security. Antibacterial material with a variety of products, with health self-cleaning function, as compared with ordinary products, anti-bacterial cleaning products, cleaning and so on can save a lot of complicated work, can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce cross-infection, the spread of disease. Moreover, the antibacterial antimicrobial material can be achieved simultaneously with the product life.

21 century is the environment and health in the new century. After “SARS” and “avian flu” and other diseases after the growing focus on health and the environment, the concept of green home more deeply rooted among the choice of interior materials is particularly important. According to experts, in developed countries, antimicrobial materials and products have been poured into the daily life; in China, antimicrobial materials and products are increasingly of concern.

Anion antibacterial ceramic tile ceramic tiles market establish the value of a new benchmark for the health of its unique features, but also gives a new market image of the ceramic products. Some in the industry believe that the green home in advocating a healthy lifestyle today, anion antibacterial tiles will open up a broader market outlook, with a wider range of applications. SABUNG AYAM