Boao Forum For Asia

HC plastic mesh News: three-day Boao Forum for Asia 2010 Annual Meeting of yesterday come to an end, the establishment of the realization of “green” Economy Objectives, the development of “low-carbon economy” and “stimulate domestic demand” as the two major points discussed in the forum.

Boao Forum for Asia, said the Secretary-General Long, to achieve a “low carbon” growth is not only the only way for the future sustainable economic development, post-crisis era is to enhance overall competitiveness and the fight for international voice key. He pointed out that Asia has a low carbon economy cost of technology, application of new technical efficiency and financial advantages.

Various Asian political figures agreed that all Asian countries should explore how government-led investment in “green” and “growth” organic combination of long-term sustainable development. The experts also believe that low-carbon economy is a new development model, green low-carbon technology itself is not a cost item, but one that will create employment opportunities for the industry. Forum

outgoing chairman, former Philippine President Fidel Ramos said that Asia continued to be really into the road to recovery is to recover before filling in this “green”, so that post-crisis Asian economies more dynamic , a leader in innovation and energy conservation. “We have to explore different ways to ensure growth is sustainable, no matter how painful the process of transition, we must achieve green recovery.” He said.

Volvo senior vice president of PaineWebber Group, said in low power consumption, low pollution and low emission of green-based economic model is declared a new era, with the strategic vision, and has reserves of the country or green technology enterprises, will compete to win in this round of the initiative, take initiative.

In addition, after Financial Crisis era, the Asian economic transformation in the past over-reliance on exports of much-needed economic growth pattern, the development of low domestic demand, Long said that in the long run, greatly enhance the spending power of Asian countries, so that Asia’s export-oriented economy has gradually shifted from the consumer-driven type, is to achieve sustained economic growth in Asia’s fundamental direction.

Participants generally felt that, looking for new economic growth point, are the primary issues currently stimulating domestic demand, low-carbon way to change just the current opportunity. For the establishment of sustainable economic development model, the Asian countries in the development of human capital, increase revenue and reduce the areas of savings measures to improve the labor market structure, improve the national income, the most important is the establishment of viable social safety net.

Vice president of Boao Forum for Asia, Zeng said China’s chief representative, at this stage, both Asian countries have sufficient funds, they have a higher per capita consumption levels and the potential expansion of infrastructure, by Cooperation To activate these needs, will have a strong Asian economic growth impetus.

The forum more than 2,000 politicians, business people and experts and scholars attended the forum. Boao Forum for Asia, Boao, Hainan Province was established in 2001. As a non-governmental, non-profit international organization, Boao Forum for Asia has now become Asia and other parts of the political, business and academic leaders on important issues in Asia and the global platform for dialogue. SABUNG AYAM