Booking A Golf Holiday : A Short Guide

What better way is there of amalgamating two of you favorite distractions than a golfing holiday. Of all the hobbies there are, golf is generally considered one that requires less physical effort than most and this, along with the serenity of modern golf courses in the sun creates a perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

So, you are thinking of treating yourself to a golfing holiday; below is a detailed list of the most important things you need to bear in mind before you head to the travel agent.

Budget – Your holiday budget is your first port of call. You need to calculate your total available funds for your golfing trip and exactly how much you want to put aside for accommodation, travel and spending money. Golf resorts come in all shapes and sizes, if needed you can book a cheap, 9 hole course or a 5 star golf heaven of a resort; so your budget will control many aspects of your holiday. What is advisable is to spend a great deal of time searching the internet, travel agents, magazines and newspapers for special offers, discounts, promotions and package deals to find something suitable to your needs, that will save you money.

Location – The location of your golfing holiday is another vital point that you need to fully research before you make any decisions. First of all, decide on the country; America has some of the most popular professional golf courses in the world and most are kept to a very high standard, though prices reflect this; Scotland in the British Isles also has some world-class courses but the weather can be a down point; Thailand is becoming increasingly more popular due to the large number of high class resorts and fantastic weather, also due to the economy, it is a reasonably priced option too. Though all this depends on whether you want a full-on golf resort with no distractions, or you want an area that can offer other activities.

So, you know your budget, and you have an idea of your ideal holiday destination; you should now begin making a short-list of all the resorts and areas that can offer the correct blend of amenities, facilities, accommodation and price to suit you and your party’s needs. Next, pick up the phone and talk directly to each resort to get information regarding exactly what is supplied in the package deals they offer as knowing exactly what you get for your money will prevent any money problems that could arise during the holiday.

In summary, it pays to do your homework. If you are not going alone, you need to discuss with your party exactly what you want from your golfing holiday and whether you would prefer access to other activities. Once everything is organized properly, you can just relax and concentrate on improving your putting skills.