Borders’ Kobo E-book Reader Review

Soon after you start reading a book on the Kobo, youll get lost in the story and will forget its an eBook reader which is, after all, the ultimate test of these devices versus paper books.
However, unfortunately the device like most eReaders on the market today is handicapped by several flaws that will need to be addressed in the next model to be released. Its supporting software is, at best, rudimentary, and the button used for turning pages is a bit too hard to press and will cause the user to have aching hands over a period of extended use.

When you buy the Kobo ereader gadget, you will be surprised by how small this gadget. The device measures 18.5cm long and 12cm wide. You quickly realize as you start to use it that this is about the dimensions of a paperback book, which gives the Kobo a familiar feel in your hands right from the start.
Contributing to the feeling of its smallness, the Kobo is about 1cm deep and is very light (221g), making it very easy to hold. And it will slip into any bag easily even a laptop bag you will barely notice that it is there among your junk. This makes it the ideal size to carry on the bus, on holidays or just around your day to day life.
We were also struck with how pleasurable it was holding the Kobo when reading. No more holding a paper book crooked in one hand with your fingers splayed. Its easy to hold the Kobo with one hand and turn pages with your thumb while you do something else with the other hand.
On the back of the device is a rubbery substance which also contributes to the ease of holding the Kobo. It also goes some way towards absorbing any shocks from dropping the device. We didnt drop ours, but we suspect the Kobo is very durable.
The actual screen of the Kobo measures 12.5cm by 9cm, which is a little smaller than we would have liked certainly, its smaller than a page in a paper book. There is one button on the front, which is a direction pad with up, down, left, right and centre navigation options. Its this pad that you use to flip pages just hit left or right to go forwards or back.
It also navigates the Kobos very simple menu structure, accessible via four buttons on the left-hand side of the device. You can easily change the size and style of the font (serif or sans serif), change books or chapters and so on. A standard USB port on the bottom is how you connect the Kobo to your PC or Mac, for charging and downloading books. Itll show up on your desktop as a normal USB device when you do.
On the top of the Kobo is a slot for an SD card slot to which you can boost the Kobos in-built storage space of 1GB with a 4GB card.
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