Bored in Your Chalets?

When you’re on holiday in Val d’Isere, the last thing you want is to be kept inside due to an injury. Unfortunately many people are forced by injuries to spend a day or two relaxing inside their chalets. Val d’Isere is known worldwide for its skiing, so it may be difficult to give your body time to rest and relax when you want to be out on the slopes. Here are a few of our top tips to ensure that you can pass the time and recuperate in your Val d’Isere chalets.

Try Out a New Recipe

Although many meals are provided at chalets, Val d’Isere skiers may find time on their hands to experiment with a little cookery. If you’ve ever had that one meal you’ve been meaning to master, using time while you aren’t on the slopes could see you improving your skills in the kitchen. One added advantage if you’re sharing a chalet, or skiing with a large group, is that rather than feeling left out, cooking a large meal for your party can keep you ‘in the loop’ as people share their stories over your fine food!

Go Online

There just isn’t enough time in the day to catch up on all the news stories, current events, and even entertainment programmes that you’ve been meaning to. So when an unexpected break comes your way, make the most of it by making a list of topics that interest you, and reading up on them. Though the Internet is full of distractions, picking out topics of interest can keep you occupied for hours; and in the comfort of your chalets, Val d’Isere might just become the place you rekindle the love of an old interest or hobby.

Make a Few Calls

When you have time on your hands, it can often be a nice surprise to receive a phone call – so why not turn the idea around, and make a few phone calls to people you haven’t spoken to in a while? Family members will be thrilled you’ve taken time out from a busy holiday to speak to them, and catching up with old friends (or even those in neighbouring chalets; Val d’Isere has an active skiing community) can help bring you up to speed on all the latest chatter and gossip.


Those paperbacks you bring with you on holiday and never quite get time to read? You’ve just found your opening. Whether it’s the latest techno-thriller, or the most decadent chick-lit, curling up or relaxing in front of a fire with a good book can be an under rated pleasure in the comfort of your chalets; Val d’Isere readers might find the hours pass quicker than they thought with an old favourite or a new discovery.

Current events can also be interesting to follow. Find a newspaper or watch the news channels, and spend a day discovering what’s going on in the world; it might give you a new appreciation for getting away from it all on a skiing holiday!
Sabung Ayam
Hommage à Chick COREA + Jam Session avec Karim BLAL Trio

La Jam session est le rendez-vous indispensable pour un club de jazz digne de ce nom ! C'est la rencontre entre musiciens réputés et jeunes talents. Ce sont des moments uniques où se fabriquent les groupes et les artistes de demain. C'est l'interaction sans filet et sans frontière entre le public et les artistes.  Chaque lundi, le Sunset vous donne rendez-vous à 21h  autour d'un hommage pour célébrer la carrière d'un musicien légendaire suivi de la jam session jusqu'à pas d'heures ! A noter, l'entrée est libre et la consommation obligatoire. Welcome home.  

Tribute to Chick Corea followed by a jam session !