Bosch Power Tools Car In China To Host First Creative Design Contest – Bosch Power Tools, Electric

Bosch Power Tools Held in China in the first “Creative Car Design Competition”, aims to stimulate the creativity of the younger generation in China

final eight teams will be May 27, 2010 to participate in the finals
Beijing News the world’s leading hand-held power tools and accessories maker Bosch will be a success in Europe, the creative vehicle design competition to China. First “Technology for Life? Bosch Car Design Creative Competition” in the nationwide selection of the 14 student teams. All participants will have Bosch Cordless Drill / Screwdriver machine-driven, designed to drive an electric car, identified by the drawings and the actual road test maneuvers, the final 8 teams will enter the May 27 Science and Technology Museum in Shanghai at the finals.

To “Invented for life” concept for enterprise development, Bosch Power Tools has always focused on the development of environmentally friendly products, pay attention to the harmonious development of enterprises and society, continue to inspire the creativity of people in life. “The future of our products will be more Environmental protection At the same time, we hope to pass this idea to our consumers, “Bosch Power Tools China, Wang Xiaodong, General Manager, said:” The idea of this car racing, we expect students in the creative, research and development, design, production process, experience the fun and creative achievements, inspire young people sense of innovation and enthusiasm. “

Bosch is the world’s first lithium battery technology for electric tools to manufacturers. As an innovative technology, high-quality lithium battery technology Bosch provides 4 times the battery life of competing products. To protect its proprietary battery technology (ECP) can be effective in preventing cell overload, overheating, or the depth of discharge. Moreover, the battery pack is very strong, even if the two meters from the place fell on the concrete floor would still be able to function properly. Specially developed battery has very low internal resistance, to ensure the battery charge and very little energy loss during operation. Bosch Power Tools Rechargeable lithium-based contest of will Electric cars Provide all the necessary power, performance, rate and service life.

At present, the team has completed a dynamic system for the car engine testing, players will start for the basis of vehicle design, fabrication and installation. April 25 to May 17, the teams will bring entries to commence the power, stability and security of the actual road test three times and, based on test results standings, the top 8 teams will be the final admission coupons. Bosch Power Tools and experienced engineers will provide full technical support for participating teams.

It is reported that the finals will not only set according to different indicators of the best design award, the fastest speed and most popular team prize awards will also be eager for the current domestic students to participate in social practice and expectations for business, the reality of employment demand all members of the team for the championship in the Bosch Power Tools China valuable internship opportunities.

“China’s younger generation of innovative spirit and creativity, so we are confident the success of competition in China.” Bosch Power Tools China, said Wang Xiaodong, general manager. SABUNG AYAM