Botox : New Age Treatment For Aging

As people age, they will find out that their face will not look any younger. These people will be interested to find ways to look younger and to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that comes with aging. Through botox, also known as Botulinum toxin type A, one may find a solution for gaining a younger looking face. For cosmetic purpose this substance is really a medical miracle.

Botox is a popular product used to prevent aging. It is a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and frown lines. This treatment works by blocking nerve transmission to the muscle and reducing the contractions of these muscles that cause the unwanted facial lines. Botox helps retain the elasticity of the skin and the facial muscles so that some of the sun’s effects on the skin do not occur. It also help to correct several of these defects caused by the sun and aging.

The most popular place to have a botox administered is the upper face where it eradicates the appearance of fine lines and anger lines that people find within their eyebrows. It is also ideal in preventing the lines on the crows feet which are the wrinkles formed around the eyes from smiling. This is also a popular area because the smile wrinkles caused by aging where the muscles getting used creates indentations in the skin. The after effects of these injections can also help raise the eyebrows as well. This treatment is also used, by the request of some patients, to treat the wrinkles under the eyes too.

A patient undergoing botox does not need to have an anesthesia for it is considered painless. It uses tiny injections which are even smaller than the needle used for diabetics. Before the procedure your doctor will determine the injection sites and examine your ability to move certain muscles in certain areas of your face. The whole procedure will take up to at least ten minutes.

The wonders that this treatment has brought brings in huge market demands. Literally, millions of injections have been administered since the 1990’s. And like any kind of product out in the market there are cases that face problems with black market knock-offs and counterfeits.

A patient would want to protect herself and would not want to face the problems that a counterfeit product causes. To ensure that the patient gets the real product is to get a reputable doctor or surgeon to do the botox procedure. If you do not know who to turn to, contact someone from the American Plastic Society of Surgeons or the American Society of Dermatologists.

Although, there are a number of cases where people have gotten Botulinum toxin poisoning due to administering counterfeit products, these fake products comes with unwanted side effects. These effects caused by Botulinum toxin poisoning are severe eye lid droop, double or blurry vision, slurred speech, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, and muscle weakness. In extreme cases it can cause difficulty breathing because botox weakens muscles thus affecting any muscles of respiration.

Generally, botox is still considered very safe to use if given in the amounts that are prescribed. This prescribed dosage is extremely dilute using just only billions of a gram. Presently, it is still the best and safest treatment to prevent lines and aging skin. SABUNG AYAM