Botox training courses in Cheshire for affordable rates

As a medical aesthetician who is involved in cosmetic treatment you would want to broaden your knowledge in the uses of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers. You can also be a medical practitioner who is aspiring to become a skilful cosmetic physician.  Good news is that there are training courses which are offered for doctors, dentists and nurses who wish to learn non surgical cosmetic treatment methods.

Out of many non surgical cosmetic treatments Botox and Dermal Fillers are the most popularly used treatments. Both methods are used to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin, to bring that youthful appearance to your face. For the benefit of everyone let us see what uses can be taken by the administration of Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Botox is popular for its wrinkle relaxing characteristic and is used by celebrities and public figures to keep their faces wrinkle free. However the early use of Botox was more in to therapeutic use as treating crossed eyes , uncontrollable blinking and hemifacial spasm in over 12 year olds. It was 1989 that the toxin’s cosmetic use was proven. Since then Botox has been used to cure numerous medical conditions.

Dermal fillers are popularly known by the brand names of Sculptra™, Juvederm Ultra, Restalyne, Radiesse etc. It is used to soften and correct wrinkles and facial lines, augment lips to enhance its appearance and contouring your cheeks and face. The most commonly used material for dermal fillers is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a natural non-animal based stabilised clear gel. This gel substance helps to hydrate and add volume to your facial tissues.

As you can see both of the non surgical cosmetic treatments are popular among most of the people. Botox and Dermal Fillers are administered through injections and are only recommended to be administered by a well experience medical aesthetician. Therefore it is recommended that you get a proper training on how to use both the products on patients.

When selecting a cosmetic training academy you should always check whether you are getting the value for your money and also whether it is approved to run training courses for non surgical cosmetic treatments. Most of the training courses would cost between £550- £1000. Modules include;

Introductory theory and practical training in the cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin,
Introductory theory and practical training in the cosmetic use of Dermal Fillers
Introductory theory and practical training in the cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers
Advanced techniques in the cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin
Advanced techniques in the cosmetic use of Dermal Fillers.


Your training academy would also provide you with pre-course literature, injection needles and necessary equipments, lunch and refreshments within the course. At the end of each module you would receive a certificate from your cosmetic training academy. Some cosmetic training academies also provide free mentorship for the first 12 months after you complete the course. Sounds interesting? Why not register today at a Cheshire cosmetic training academy today.