Break 1 Trillion Mark For The Publishing Industry In The Country Need To Guard Against The Bubble –

Exceeded 1 trillion yuan! 2009 gross national press and publishing industry exciting, than about 20% growth in 2008 and successfully move into publishing power.

Output curve State Press and Publication Administration announced last Wednesday, the International 2009 Financial Crisis continued to deepen in the background, press and publishing industry in China showed a good growth momentum contrarian.

2009 National news publishing industry output increased by about 20%, breaking the one trillion yuan mark. Among them, the book Sell Growth of about 20%, equivalent to about 78 billion yuan; new media publishing grew by about 42%, more than 75 billion yuan output value, and book sales once again narrowed the gap between GDP.

By nearly a week’s time, interviewed the Director of Press and Publication Liu Binjie other publishing authorities that China has moved into publishing powers.

However, analysis of industry experts, books short-lived, rampant piracy, distribution atrophy … … all this good news hidden in the back of a bubble crisis is yet to be resolved in 2010.

Gratifying results Break 1 trillion yuan by about 20% year on year
The past decade, the rapid growth of China’s publishing industry is growing 10 years. China’s rapid economic development and adapt to the Chinese publishing industry output growth in the decade, nearly 30 times.

2009 years in a gratifying achievement, the State Press and Publication Administration released data show that compared with 2008, 2009, the national press and publishing industry in GDP growth of about 20%, breaking the one trillion yuan mark, has entered the publishing world power ranks.

Industry Analysis Economic benefits into enterprises “China’s publishing system for the publishing industry into a powerful energy, bring direct economic benefits.” Director of Press and Publication recent analysis of the reasons Mr. Liu says. 17

domestic group of companies realize into enterprises in 2009, an average increase of 66.2% of total assets, total profit growth of 25.35%. Already on the market publishing, distribution, newspaper companies such as market value of about 2000 billion, 240 million net financing, industrial strength unprecedented growth.

Jiangsu Phoenix Media Publishing Group has a representative, in 2008, this group became the first total assets and total sales both surpassed the ten billion worth of major publishing group. 2009, the regiment has reached 12 billion yuan sales income, an increase of almost 8%.

Latest phenomenon Hot pursuit of traditional publishing Digital Publishing
The end of 2008, China’s 578 publishing houses have launched 90% Electronic Book publishing business, publishing 500,000 kinds of electronic books.

Administrator introduced, digital publishing is hot pursuit of traditional publishing, Digital Publishing, 2009 has been more than 75 billion yuan, and significantly reduced the gap between traditional publishing?? In 2009 than in traditional publishing digital publishing only about 3 billion yuan output value , the gap in 2008 is 260 billion.

Industry Analysis Number of industries as new economic growth point
For digital development, China Publishing Group president Niezhen Ning recent interview, said that quite a sense of urgency.

Niezhen Ning believes that China’s digital publishing industry is in the news publishing industry, the importance of strong growth momentum and new economic growth point. Full-digital transition is to change the pace of the publishing industry’s way of life, to break the existing market competition. Liu Binjie

the Director during the next few years, digital publishing users will grow 30% per year, output will be from 50 to 80 percent growth rate, rate of development than other publishers.

Phoenix Publishing & Media chairman Tan Yue has said: “The digital platform is the future of the publishing industry in the Competition, the digital publishing industry the brink of war.”

International status Sales profit in 2009 after the United States
Data show that in 2009 more than 270,000 kinds of books published in China, sales profit after the United States.

Administrator noted that, compared with a world power, China’s press and publication industry in terms of development scale, structure, or mode of development, the development of quality and so on, there is a considerable gap.

Including: firm size, asset size is also smaller, output and increase in GDP and the share market is not large; resource integration is not high, the content of innovation capability is weak; in particular Press and Publication of the international spread of power is not strong, influential quality work outside much.

Goals 2020 The annual per capita consumption of six books
Director of Press and Publication Liu Binjie a recent interview, said that the next decade, China’s news publishing industry development objectives are: total output value of Chinese Journalism in 2020 will account for 5% of the national GDP, the basic realization of the national per capita consumption of six books, journals 3.2, more than 130 newspapers per thousand days, digital media and other new industries to the world advanced level.

Bubble crisis Short order most books on the shelf for two years
“2009 years, China published more than 270,000 kinds of books most of ‘short-lived’, there is little place is maintained in the bookstore’s.” Xiashun Hua, general manager of Hubei Dolphin Media Ltd told reporters yesterday.

Xiashun Hua, the domestic sales are mostly very good book on the shelf for two years, while foreign selling some books to a 30-year, the publisher of this phenomenon well worth pondering.

Present, in order not to take market risk, many publishers obsessed flutter in duplicate publication, the “love Education “” Three Hundred Tang Poems, “” Brothers Grimm, “” Aesop’s Fables, “no less than dozens or even hundreds of varieties.

Xiashun Hua said that, in fact, able to break through as one big market products. He planned launch of the picture book version of the “Youth Edition World Literature” series became the foundation of the company’s development of products, from 10 years ago, 10 varieties have been developed to the present 128, the accumulated set of leading products have been sold Mayang more than 400 million yuan, sales of more than 40 million.

Xiashun Hua said that a few more books, more and more refined boutique is the most urgently needed.

Returns over 10% of the inventory backlog of serious
“Press the return of many of our present more than 10%, 35% achieved a lot, with the annual publication of the variety and quantity of growth, return rates have shown a rising trend.” Merida Book Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhi Gao Yu Manager yesterday introduced the static. “In 2005, the total price of all books published about 63.225 billion yuan, sales totaled 49.32 billion, that is only sold about two-thirds of the book, if contains the booksellers and book companies, inventory of Book Publishing the amount will reach 80 billion to 100 billion, far more than a year of publication of the amount. “Kao Yu-Ching, for example.

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