Breaking Your Success Barriers 4 Secrets To Overcoming Your Success Barriers

On the one hand, success barriers are among the greatest sources of stress as well as impediments to your success in life. But on the other hand, one of the best ways to relieve stress and experience success is to overcome the barriers or obstacles that stand in your way. The good news is that all barriers can be overcome once a person can place their finger on them.

Now, let me ask you, what barriers are standing in your way? What obstacles are thwarting your progress in life and preventing you from achieving your goals? Barriers can be physical, mental or emotional. But once you can figure it out, you are a lot closer to overcoming them and moving on with your life. Let me also add that some, indeed most barriers that we face, are self-imposed. Which also means that a lot of them are imaginary rather than real.

Now, I want to give you 4 tested ways to overcoming all sorts of barriers-either real or imaginary.
Be Sure About Your Major Aim In Life: Why is this important? Well, just imagine yourself at an airport. The ticket agent asks you where you intend travelling. How do you suppose they’ll react if you answered that you are not sure, but that they should just issue you a travelling ticket? Crazy, did I hear you say?

Well, that’s what it is to be going through life without any clear, definite goal-crazy. People who are on such life journeys often lack resilience; every little challenge often forces them to make a detour. To them, every inconvenience along the way is a serious barrier. But when you know very clearly where you’re heading and why you want to get there, you’ll be determined to remove whatever tries to stop your journey.

Compile A Success Journal: When we face tough challenges, it’s so easy to forget that we’ve had some successes in the past. Meanwhile these previous accomplishments can often serve as fuels that spur us on, like some sort of inner voice telling you “you are also capable!” And it doesn’t have to be a major feat before it can count. For example, did you complete high school? Did you ever get an “A” in class? Can you swim?

Were you highly commended or got an award for something you’ve done in the past? Also, have you attained any aspect of your current goal? Write all these seemingly minor accomplishments down as they are all emotional fuels you can burn during periods of self-doubt.

See Whatever Happens To You As Feedback: Whether the results are positive or negative, see them as learning points and label them as feedback. Then once in a while, step back and take an objective view of what really happened. What often happens when you do this is that what initially appeared as very excellent and brilliant are not quite as great as we first thought they were. Ditto for those that seemed like utter failure.

Especially for the bad results, an objective appraisal makes for good course corrections. Seeing things in this light prevents a person from being too rigid in their approach. Rigidity makes successes short-lived, and makes failure total.

Be Willing To Start Again: There’s nothing wrong with starting over. In fact, we often do things better if are asked to do it again. But it’s strange how people abhor this idea when it comes to continuing with a business idea or some other personal pursuits. Truth is that despite your best efforts, you could still stumble or fail along the way.

When that happens, the only reasonable thing to do is to get back on your feet: start all over again! And if you take note of tip 3 above, your second attempt will surely be better than the previous one. Any number of setbacks need not kill your dreams.

So whenever you see an obstacle on your way, just keep these 4 tips in mind. Always remember that with only a little more effort, a little adjustment of your course, and a little more work, you can clear those barriers and accomplish your goals!

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