Brighton Restaurants

Boasting of over 400 restaurants and cafes, Brighton is a virtual paradise of good food and fine drinks. There’s something for everyone here and even the most discriminating palate will surely be satisfied with a grand selection of food from all over the world. Whether your craving is for Chinese, Mongolian, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Indonesian or just plain old English food, Brighton’s many restaurants and cafes will deliver what your heart desires.

There are many fine dining places in Brighton for couples. Here is just a sample of what Brighton has in store.

(1) King’s Restaurant
Located at The De Vere Grand Hotel, King’s Restaurant does justice to phrase “a meal fit for a king.” Not only does it serve sumptuous delights, King’s Restaurant also boasts of classic, royal elegance. Its interiors reek of luxury, framed magnificently by marble pillars and impressive chandeliers. It’s a good place to relax and have some pre-dinner drinks while the resident pianist plays soothing music in the background.

(2) Sevendials
Sevendials is a food critics’ favourite and the winner of two AA rosettes for its exceptional food and ambiance. This haven of culinary delights is a regular fixture and gets glowing reviews in several food publications, including the prestigious Good Food Guide. Located in central Brighton, near Brighton Station and the seafront, Sevendials not only boasts of excellent food but an impressive design as well. Dining on the hardwood-deck terrace offers a breath-taking view of the sea and it’s a good way to beat the heat during the hot summer season.

(3) Whytes
Whytes may be a bit hidden on Western Street, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of Brighton’s most popular restaurants, thanks to such culinary delights like its spicy meat dishes and veggie concoctions. Whytes has a strong international flavour and is a favourite of well-travelled foreign tourists. They also have very friendly and reliable staff.

(4) Browns Restaurant and Bar
For over a decade, Browns Restaurant and Bar has been one of the most popular places in The Lanes. That it is located in the upscale part of town is evident from its elegant decor and classy feel. The menu provides a wide variety of food, including meat, pasta and salad.

(5) English’s
Another popular restaurant on The Lanes is English’s, a renowned oyster bar that ranks among the most prestigious dining places in all of Brighton, if not the entire south coast. Their seafood dishes are top of the line, including lobster, grilled tuna and Dover sole.

(6) Curve
Over on the North Laine district is Curve, a sister restaurant of English’s. Like its distinguished sister, Curve has exquisite gourmet meals for dinner, especially dishes with a distinct Mediterranean flavour. Their location is ideal and can’t be missed. During the hot summer months, the management opens up the front of the restaurant to allow diners to watch the world go by.

(7) One Paston Place
At the attractive Kemp Town area, there is one restaurant that is known for its excellent cuisine and relaxed setting. One Paston Place is a favourite haunt of locals, business people and tourists. Their food menu features an extensive array of choices and their wine list is hefty. There is also plenty of space in between tables which adds to the feeling of privacy.

(8) Havana
If you and your loved one enjoy dressing up to the nines for a night on the town, perhaps the best place to go dining is Havana on Duke Street for its elegant and stylish setting. They offer everything from breakfast to dinner and their food ranks among the best in Brighton.

Meanwhile, if your tastes run to the novel, here are some restaurants that offer cuisine from different parts of the world.

(9) Nile House
For a taste of unique African and Sudanese cuisine, visit the Nile House on Preston Street. Their international cuisine is delicious and, as a pleasant surprise, it is not that expensive, with most meals priced at less than £5. Whether you prefer meat or nothing but veggies, Nile House has something new and different for you to discover. The only drawback is that you will have to bring your own alcohol since they don’t have a liquor licence.

(10) Aumthong Thai and Bali Brasserie
Two restaurants that offer exquisite Far Eastern cuisine are Aumthong Thai and Bali Brasserie, both of them located in Hove. Aumthong Thai on Western Road offers some of the best Thai food in town, including a broad range of seafood and meat dishes side by side with their native curries, noodles and vegetarian offerings as well as desserts. The restaurant’s bright blue exterior is an eye catching sight that makes it hard to miss. Meanwhile, the Bali Brasserie on Kingsway Court was built beneath a block of apartments and is a bit hidden from view. But once you taste their Indonesian cuisine, it will be hard to forget where exactly you found this exotic haven. The staff wear traditional Indonesian costumes, which further adds to the ambiance.
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