Bring Back the Zing In Your Relationship With Hot Air Balloon Rides

Looking for the perfect gift idea for someone special? Hot air balloon rides are a fantastic way to make that special someone feel all the more special. A hot air balloon ride can be a magical experience. Floating through the air, basking in the glorious beauty of sunset, sweeping over the picturesque landscape, breathing in deeply the wide-open spaces, can all add up to the magical experience. Before you gear up for the journey of uniqueness, here are a few tips that will help you along.

Perfect dating venue

Steer clear from standard norms of dating and try something unconventional, like taking a date on a hot air balloon ride. Rather than spending your Friday nights watching the latest chick flicks or having dinner in a restaurant, switch over to the fun mode of dating. Go out of your way and make the date even more special for her; set dinner table for two, with her favourite cuisine and champagne to complement. Better yet, dish out your all-time favourite recipes, that you know she loves. Dazzle her with your irresistible charm and wittism. As you, step aboard for your hot air balloon flight, present her with her favourite flowers, a token of your love. As the balloon takes to the air, view the majestic beauty of the nature together, feel the gentle wisp of breeze pass you buy, savour the succulent cuisine that you have set, raise a toast. The ride will literally take your relationship to a complete new height. This would be an opportune moment to propose to her and take her unawares.

Adrenalines kick for adventure junkies

Are you an adventure junkie who lives life on edge? Then a hot air balloon ride can give you an ultimate dose of adrenaline rush. Typically, a hot air balloon ride takes 500 to 2000 feet above ground where it is the most comfortable and tranquillity reigns. At this height, you can glide comfortably through the air, over the treetops exploring the beautiful countryside. You can decide to raise the fun quotient a notch higher by spiralling to the heights of 10,000 feet. As the balloon soars higher, the panoramic view that presented to you is something that you are not likely to forget in this lifetime.

Dream wedding

Have you ever considered the prospects of exchanging wedding vows thousands of feet in the air? Hot air balloon theme wedding is all the rage today. There is something surreal about felicitating your love for each other, suspended in mid-air. If you ever dreamt of having a wedding in paradise, this is as close a shot as you could expect. Balloon ride basket could easily accommodate you and couple of other guests for the special occasion. Go a step further and make hot air balloons theme of your wedding with innovative light bulbs hot air balloons, tabletop baskets, handmade lanterns, floaters, wedding cakes, all this will make for a interesting accent to your wedding.

Remember to conduct proper research before you make bookings for your hot air balloon flights. Do not get fixated with a single company; shop around and shortlist the one that first best conform to your needs.
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