Bring Home Little Arab at United States with DISH Network

Are you staying several miles away in United States and missing your Arabic mother land just like anything? In fact all the Arabic people who have settled down in United Sates over the years have developed the desire to get a glimpse of their homeland tradition and cultural events. Although they are residing in the foreign soils they have found it hard to forget the warmth and attraction of the native soil and mud. They yearn to catch the melodious Arabic tunes and also want to behold best of Arabic entertainment. They believe they can remove all their nostalgic blues to some extent by catching Arabic programs on regular basis.

In the era of cable television such kind of demand of people was not possible to get fulfilled but the scenario changed with the arrival of Satellite TV. With DISH TV packages for international communities one can bring home exquisite programs and shows in several languages of the world. Ask for all the other programs in languages like Polish, Brazilian, Vietnamese and more, you are sure to get them all from DISH Network. Arabic programming packages also are available.

So far as Arabic programming packages are concerned , you can go for the best of DISH Network Deals that bring you something more than just entertaining programs. Apart from digitalized channels DISH offers the facility of DISH DVR for recording and replaying the recorded shows several times at your convenient time and leisure.

Focusing the discussion more on exclusive Arabic DISH TV packages it is said that DISH offers seven exclusive packages for Arabic speaking people of United States. Now let us thro some light on these packages:


Enjoy all-inclusive Arabic-language programs in United States with multiple channels on programs like mini serials, plays, shows, films, movies, sports. You can also watch 24X7 news features and all the latest flicks as well as movies of old times. Special Soccer Leagues and chat shows from Arab are added attractions. Special channels of this package include ABU DHABI, AL ARABIYA, AL JAZEERA, AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR, ART AMERICA, ART MOVIES, ART MUSIC  , BBC ARABIC, DREAM 2,  


You can take pleasure of programs like television serials, plays, classical movies, the Egyptian Soccer League and other entertainment stuff.

Arabic Enhanced Pack

This is one of the exclusive DISH TV packages where one can get a wide variety of programs in Arabic language, plus few top class DISH Network channels. Watch dramas, mini-series, cartoon shows and family entertainment shows.

Arabic Music Pack

Bring home all the exclusive music channels in Arabic language. No doubt you will find a plethora of programs like talk shows and all the exclusive Arab- American events. Few of the channels of this package include ART TARAB, M Life, and DANDANA TV.

Arabic: Iqraa

This is 24X7 Satellite TV channel from Egypt. Being the sole religious channel in Arabic language it has come up with programs on exclusive religion , society , economy that are aired exclusively for Islamic people. Avail exclusive live shows, plays documentaries, educational programs and cultural events from this package.

Two more packages include ARABIC: AGHAPY TV and ARABIC: NOURSAT that also bring exclusive programs for Arabic speaking people of United States.