Bruno Mars Introduce His Music To The Entire World

The lead single, “Just The Way You Are,” has presented this album to the public with a very related tone to its Far better. He loves her without having the make-up, fashionable attire and bobbles. Her eyes and her laugh are the draw and normal is finer than any bow she could set on leading. It’s cutesy, infatuation-soaked pop; ideal for the glitter eyeliner crowd. Mars knows his audience and goes straight for the heart. What is left although, are six tracks full of casual sex, depression, drug use, marriage proposals and negative relationships. It’s nothing at all that would be anticipated of Mr. Mars, but welcome nonetheless. This is available for you Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are mp3 download.

“Grenade” chronicles a young man’s descent into a hard realization that the woman he loves doesn’t love him. The construction is a pop/R&B mix with a good helping of synch and thunderous drumming holding it together. Mars finds himself in an easy vocal range that allows him belt out his melancholy in a beautifully soulful way. Then Bruno takes an easy reggae-tinged track and discusses going all the way in “Our First Time.” The big ole empty room he mentions at the beginning will immediately take you back to “Do Me Baby,” (well if you’re old enough to remember back that far) but Mars’ flow is more Robin Thicken with some MJ on the hook than Prince.

There’s a 60’s Rock revival brewing with “Runaway.” It’s not Del Shannon, but I can see Mars and his band performing this in their shiny suits and skinny ties. The lyrics are amusing in their corniness, but the energy is awesome. “Lazy Song” returns to reggae while Mars counts all the things he could be doing while he does nothing. Get his degree, bang some chick he just met, comb his hair; he could, but he isn’t. As the title suggests, the song really doesn’t do anything. “Marry You” is a tale of bad decision making after one too many drinks. The wedding bells aren’t overwhelming and actually fit snuggly in the tepid 80’s inspired pop track. The new songs are wrapped up with “Liquor Store Blues,” which is by far the best of the island rhythm-infused songs on the album. Mars and feature artist Jr. Gong visit the idea of self-medication in trying times. It’s hard to buy into Mars as a downtrodden everyman with an addiction, but it’s a good song and Marley adds some reggae authenticity.

The album closes with the Mars we are familiar with and even though “The Other Side” is a hand me down from Its Better If You Don’t Understand it’s still the best song on this album. The 60’s vibe, the two incredible features, the great harmonies, that dope ass break; it’s still fantastic after all these months. Mars pushes past his comfort zone vocally but the other elements of the song more than save it.

Bruno Mars has been pulling out layer after layer of type since the masses had been released to him by means of Flo Rida’s megahit “Appropriate Round.” (He has a co-writing credit score) He seems just as comfortable in reggae or rock as he does in pop and the album proves that as he flows by way of genres with ease. Doo-Wops & Hooligans isn’t ideal, but it’s a great beginning point for Mr. Mars.
Sabung Ayam
Teenage Bottlerocket
with School Damage, Oh My Snare
Slick back your hair and get out your leather jackets because everyone's favorite Wyoming pop-punk band featuring a set of twins, a dude from the Lillingtons and a half Chinese, half Mexican guy who likes to be tied up and beaten black and blue are back and they'rewhoa. Wait. I know what you're thinking: that could be almost any band from Wyoming, but rest assured, I'm talking about the Rectangle State's favorite foursome: Teenage Bottlerocket, and they've finally taken a break from zipping around the world, eating barbeque for breakfast, and supporting bands like NOFX and the Descendents to put their heads together and crank out yet another masterpiece of modern Ramones influenced, gleefully stupid, infectiously awesome punk rock. It's called Freak Out! And it comes out on July 3rd, 2012 courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords.After a couple great records on Red Scare Industries, the boys in Teenage Bottlerocket finally signed to Fat in 2009, where they wasted no time melting faces with their Fat debut, They Came From the Shadows and the subsequent EP Mutilate Me. Known for their often bizarre subject matter, TBR have songs that tell Gene Simmons to go fuck himself, odes to skateboarding on old Zorlac decks and upbeat jams about murdering everyone at a Burger King and Freak Out! keeps the tradition alive with awesome tracks like "Who Killed Sensei" and "Cruising For Chicks." There's also a song called "Necrocomicon" on the album which has gotta be the first (and best) song ever written about the comic book of the dead. But shit, that's neither here nor there, the point is, TBR went into the Blasting Room, where such little known acts as Rise Against and Gaslight Anthem have been known to record, and, under the watchful eye and ear of engineer Andrew Berlin, cranked out fourteen new barnburners that'll have you laughing, dancing and counting to four really, really fast all summer long. When asked about the new tracks, vocalist and guitarist Ray Carlisle said:"People who are familiar with our band are not going to listen this and think 'They've really gone a new direction with this.' We've always stuck with the same style of tunesThere's always a few "off the beaten path" type songs. Overall, this record is us taking what we've always done, and adding in some tricks we've learned over the years."You heard it right from the horse's mouth, folks. It's the same TBR that you know and love, with a little bit of spice thrown in to keep it new without getting too out there. No surprise for a band with a track record of consistently besting their last release for over ten years now.So, what's next for this quartet of Wyoming weirdos? Well, you can expect extensive worldwide touring, relentless live shows including festival appearances, all accompanied by that small town charm and courtesy that can't be taught. I mean, these guys have never punched any women, on or off stage. I don't know why I'm even bringing that up, but it's true. Yup.