BSA Law: Never Lose Tax Receipts Of December Spending, You will Want Them For Deduction

The Thai cabinet approved two tax incentive measures for December 2016, one for spending made on domestic tourism and the other for spending created on purchasing and solutions. These have been aimed at encouraging Thais to travel about in their own nation rather than going abroad on vacation and to spur spending during the year-finish holiday period.

They are the newest in a series of tax incentive measures from the government. Equivalent tax deduction schemes had been utilised for the conventional Thai New Year of Songkran in mid April 2016 for spending on dining and domestic travel and for the 2015-2016 New Year holiday for goods and solutions bought.

The tax break for domestic tourism spending applied to the entire month of December, from the 1st to the 31st. The tax break on shopping and services spending was applicable from the 14th to the 31st of December.

The two incentive measures every single permitted for spending of up to Bt15,000 to be deducted from a person’s taxable income.

Spending on liquor, beer, tobacco, fuel oil and gas for autos and vessels is not eligible for the shopping tax break.

“It’s essential folks maintain the tax receipts for the spending they intend to use as a tax deductible under the incentive measures, simply because these will be essential when filing a Personal Earnings Tax return at the end of March”, stated the spokesman for BSA Law, Apisakdi Kongkangwanchoke.

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The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce has stated that spending during this New Year holiday was anticipated to exceed Bt129 billion, making for a 3.4 per cent improve more than the exact same period a year earlier. The rise was attributed to the government’s tax incentive measures on domestic tourism and shopping and solutions spending.

The university mentioned a recent survey on customer spending habits for the coming New Year holiday showed that planned spending amounted to Bt129.293 billion.

Kobsak Phutrakul, assistant minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, mentioned the tax break on shopping and solutions spending would increase job creation and production till early 2017. The incentive measure would also encourage businesses, which at the moment have been not, to enter the tax system.