Budget Processor AMD Sempron X1 140 Vs Intel Atom N450 Processor For Portable and Pocket Computers

This news will surely delight many computer users with less money. Company AMD has announced the arrival of the first family low-cost budget Sempron processors, which will be equipped with new base Socket AM3. The first representative of a new type will be one core Sempron X1 140 based on the architecture of processors with Athlon X4 II core “Regor”. This will convert data with a frequency of 2.7 GHz, at full load will consume only 45 watts of electrical power as the processor core is made with 45-nm technology. We musn’t neglect the presence of fast storage controller for DDR2 and DDR3 memory, a third version of HyperTransport technology, which runs with frequency of 2.6 GHz and with support of visual technology AMD-V. Retail price of one core Sempron X1 140 will be abroad around 35 euros (around 40$ ). This is only 5 euros less than the low-cost dual-processor from competitor Intel.

Intel is currently dominating the market of pocket and portable computers with Atom processors. Atom processors are equipped with one of two cores and are constructed with 45-nano-meter technology. Now Intel has announced that they developed a new successor to Atom processor which will come to stores until the end of the year. Its trademark name is Pineview thile the platform is called Pine Trail. The first representative of the new energy-saving Atom processor N450 which will use two core will be constructed by using the 45-nano-meter technology and will have built in memory controller which should help to slightly higher speed of the whole system in a new generation of processors for a pocket and portable computers. Integrated graphics card will be compatible with DirectX and OpenGL standards and will be powerful enough for computer games like Quake 3 in advanced more with speeds of up to 40 frames per second. Also it will be able to play film footage of 720p and 1080p.