Build A Small Chicken Coop…And Keep Your Sanity In Tact!

Have you ever tried to build a small chicken coop? If you have, you will know that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Unless you are super handy and just formulate plans in your head, it is really hard to start hammering away and buying parts when you are not 100% sure about what you are going to need and how much. This is where I burnt my fingers. The thing is, constructing anything without a proper plan is simply setting yourself up for failure.

After some weeks have passed, I realised that this project was going nowhere. I was making no progress and buying more materials, just to realsie I would have to rebuild the entire chicken coop. I was at the point where had to decide whether to quit and accept defeat, or go and do some research and find some simple designs and proper plans which would not be too complicated. The search was on! The frustrating part was that the most of the plans or designs that I could find, either needed very specialised tools or materials, or were too advanced for my limited knowledge.

I decided to set down some criteria which I know I would be able to work with:

1) Simple, step by step, day by day plans

2) Easily adaptable plans for different spaces and sizes

3) The use of everyday tools

4) Inexpensive, easy to find, materials

5) The end result should be a practical coop in all aspects

6) Available support and assistance in case I get stuck

With these requirements in mind, I set off to see who could meet these demands. I will have you know, it was not simple. All the different guides and authors met some of the requirements but not all of them.

After some proper digging I did find a program, with more than 50 designs and easy to follow plans. It also included some brilliant additional information which, I did not know then, but realise now how essential that was to the success of the project. If you are considering to build a small chicken coop, be sure you check out your plan properly. Make sure it is one YOU can understand and work with. The key ingredient to a great looking and practical chicken coop, lies in the plan!
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