Build the Chicken Houses Like It Is Your Very Own

We are always told that as kids that we should have some form of protein in our diet. Well, contrary to the millions of vegetables, did you know that chicken has a lot of protein in it? But, the above mentioned sentence is only useful for those who eat meat. What about those who are strict vegetarians? Well, they can easily eat cottage cheese. Speaking of chicken, did you know that the ideal way of giving them a healthy life is by giving them spacious chicken houses?

You know, if you are raising your own chickens at home, then you’ll end up saving a lot on buying eggs and meat from the market or any other stores. So, this is the best way to take care of them. Chicken houses are the perfect residence for them but nevertheless, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Ok, so here we go again. I know I have said the same thing about a thousand times but you know people often make the same blunders over and over again like for example, there are a few people, who are raising at least 12 chickens and need a spacious home for them, will end up building a really tiny home. So, you see, I need to go over some of the factors of how to go about building the homes.

Factors to consider when making the chicken houses

Space and Aeration: Depending on the number of chickens you are raising, you have to make their residence spacious enough for them to roam around and even lay their eggs in peace. Speaking of aeration, the hens need the air to breathe and need some sort of sunlight in their roam. You can’t expect them to live in a closed space and well not have enough room to roam around freely with ease.

Weather changes and avoiding predators: You need to build a home that is strong and sturdy. You can’t build something flimsy and expect it to withstand all kinds of temperatures. You also have to keep your hens away from all the thieves. People are found of their chicken and love eating them so, if they see it roaming around, they will easily kidnap it and well boil it to death. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound nice and just thinking about it is making you nauseous. So, make sure you build a strong sturdy one.

Water: Like us humans who need to drink water with our food, chickens need it as well. You should keep a water bowl inside the residence and clean it at least twice a day. This way the chickens will get clean water to drink and won’t fall sick.

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