Build Your Chicken Coops According To Your Requirements

It is fun and rewarding raising a flock of chicken. I am not talking about the self-satisfactory rewards but about the chickens being profitable pets. They are multi-talented as they offer high protein eggs and eat just about everything and anything you feed them. Ok, I am going to be a gross for a minute by stating that their manure is effective for any garden you are creating.

When it comes to raising a flock of chicken don’t you think you need to think of chicken coops? I am guessing just by the sound of the term, you are having a panic attack as you don’t know how to go about building one or well even buying a readymade one.

A few suggestions on how to build a coop

Firstly let me begin with saying that it is a lot better building the chicken coops contrary to buying one as it is expensive. It will also take ages and won’t come to you in one piece. The online stores simply ship the materials to you and become even tougher to follow instructions.

Before you get to work, you need to know where you want to keep it. It is important as the chickens need sufficient ventilation and sunlight in their home. So, think of ‘location, location, location’.

Contrary to the location, what is the next thing you have to think of? Think, yup, you are right, the size of the chicken coops. I know it sounds silly, but you know irritating and suffocating it gets when you are cramped up in a small dingy space? So, if you get frustrated, do you know how your chickens will feel? Ok, so you have to look for a spacious home for them to lay their eggs and roam around easily. Oops, I almost forgot, the size is also dependent on the number of chickens you are taking care off.

The next thing you have to is the material of the house. So, when it comes to deciding the material, you have to choose something that will last long and won’t get spoilt within minutes. So, I think the ideal material, I know I have often said it, I repeat myself again this time, is Aluminium. It is the most sturdy and ideal material that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

The style and design of the chicken coops is also important. You have to decide what kind you want. Choose something that will bring out the elegance and charm and not make the entire area look dull.

If you want more help, you can easily get in touch with Cocoon for help and advice. They will take you through all your options and even offer you a ready-made one at an affordable one. Yes, I know I said it is easier building one as the online stores will only send you the bits and pieces. Cocoon is different and unique from the rest. For more information visit:
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