Building a Chicken Coop – A Family Affair

Building a chicken coop is a way to help bring a family together. The whole family can pitch in and it can be fun. Each family member can do research on what will work and what it can look like. After a design is picked the materials can be purchased.

The children will benefit the most with the lessons that can be learned. By proper planning child can see a complex task can be accomplished. Building the structure will show them how a firm foundation will support the building as a whole. Each stage of the construction is important and every detail has significance to the overall success of the project. One thing I learned very young when helping my father was to measure twice and cut once. I have never forgotten that simple but true rule. Many mistakes have been caught and corrected before a piece of wood was cut too short.

Working together will also build team work abilities that will always be useful for children. Getting along and accomplishing a goal bigger than they will be a lesson well learned and utilized in future years. Helping each other hold boards and lifting the walls will also give each member of the family a sense of accomplishment.

When the project is complete the whole family can then help paint the chicken coop. When totally completed each and every member can look at it with pride knowing they had helped. Then there is the biggest responsibility of all, caring for the future inhabitants, the chickens. The daily feeding and cleaning of the chicken coop will teach that with care animals will grow and be fruitful. The eggs will taste better and the fried chicken will have a new meaning since the whole family has taken part in creating a way to help feed the family.

Family togetherness started with building a chicken coop.

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