Building a Community One Step at a Time

Our society is one that is thought to be entirely dependent on money. One cannot take a single step without spending it, and entire corporations are built on the premise of making it.

Yet we fail to understand that money only has value because it supports the society we live in. If the basic tenets of society as we know it fail and crumbles, everything we have worked hard for will turn to dust even before we find ourselves in the grave.

Poverty and Inequity: the destroyer of society

When people find themselves in the bottom of the barrel and scraping whatever they could to make a living, they will most likely turn to the easiest and most convenient way of making money.

Crime is the first symptom of a sick society, and is a problem that can only be nipped in the bud. Hardened criminals and psychopaths become who they are today because of the conditions of their lives. They see that breaking the laws of society is more beneficial to them than following them, so they slowly but steadily rely on it for them to make it through their lives. If they have no sense of connection to the greater welfare of society, without experiencing a community for themselves, then this is the most likely path they will follow in life.

This is what some charitable institutions aim to prevent.

The Solution: building self-reliance and a positive self-identity

The local gangs and crime syndicates swell their ranks from those who are unable to keep themselves alive and those who find self-worth in a life of crime.

There are a number of Institutions that shows impoverished children the way to live a healthy and socially-connected life by virtue of education and leadership. This is how confidence and positive self-esteem is developed, which will go a long way in transforming the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow. They show them a brighter tomorrow without having to risk their lives and their futures with criminals, and this then empowers them with a positive outlook in life.

The Role of Charity

These Institutions, however, need resources to keep it operating and providing the basic needs of children.

This is where charity comes in.

A lot of entities in the world of business realizes the need for a community to have a strong foundation. It is for this reason that they invest time and money with these institutions. The intention of a better society, though, is not the primary reason why anybody engages in charity.

Charity has its benefits in society, true, but it is our humanity that serves as the primary reason why anyone commits to charity work. The knowledge that we helped another person serves as the inspiration for charity, and this in turn fuels the desire to engage in charity.

It is because we are human that we help others, and we find that we help ourselves in the process.