Building Materials To Rural Areas: Second And Third Line Highlights And Selling Paint Brand In Which

HC coating Net News: In the domestic paint industry, 80 percent of market share to 20 percent of brands occupy, the more second and third line paint brand, in order to make a difference have to pinpoint your location, and then firmly moving forward.

Today’s competition, once again intensified, a leader in the competitive and the second and third line further differentiation for the channel and retail competition.

Channel competition is a primary stage of the industry, focusing on the industry, the consumers the right to speak during the low start, choose a time when chaos protection of the interests of dealers. Retail competition is the industry increased to a certain period of maturity, consumer demand for brand has more to increase brand influence the product.

“Resources”, “Bauhinia” several brands into advertising in the CCTV, the real significance is to expand the brand among consumers, and influence. For the purpose of stimulating the retail brand. Significantly different from the number of second and third tier brands, touched on the purpose of advertising to attract dealers. Also shows consumers the right to speak increase paints, industrial painter from reliance on sales into the brand impact of the leading sales lead times. And the shot of a few industry leaders are annual sales of 1 billion to 2 billion range, “billion club” members.

Paint inside the paint retail in the past has been carved up by foreign brands more than 47% share. The brand is also regarded a few shots of paint as the main targets. Or affect the subconscious to paint aspects of the consumer association.

Into the retail paint industry to mature and competition is one of the signs. Leaders show a strong dealer channel and stability characteristics, for second and third line are small and medium enterprises to choose the dealer’s. There is a large dealer, also multi-brand business. The management of large multi-brand dealer is not the leading brand agency, will become the distributor of leading brands. Selected second and third line of such distributor brand products are just as tactical, not strategic sense, brand introduction, brand operation of enterprises in this thinking can not be achieved. Era of competition and further oppression of the retail channel for second and third tier companies below the market down to three before they can realize the intention of the brand franchise. Some second and third tier brands

Good news marketing, event marketing, In the rapid expansion of the dealer group, the need to do is increase the retail brand influence. Some will have to put more and more effort to maintain a leading regional sales, as a business strategy to lead regional development areas to look at, taking into account the impact of consumer advertising, brand building to carry out effective work.

Oligopoly in the industry into a period of second and third tier brands also need to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, find its own way to walk and open their own markets and areas of development. SABUNG AYAM